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By Rebecca Fox on December 2, 2014

Oil boiler serviceDue to the wear-and-tear our oil boilers receive from regular use, they are prone to develop small faults. These can include a part wearing down, the occasional judder and protest when we use more than our usual amount of hot water and a general reduction in energy efficiency.

These issues, if ignored, will lead to more serious problems with your oil boiler, such as leaks, break downs and significant damage to your own home. Regular maintenance by qualified, professional registered engineers will not only find any faults but also put your mind at rest.

A regular check of your oil boiler may seem like another unwanted expense, but the price of a full boiler replacement in your home, not to mention the damage that a malfunctioning poorly-maintained boiler can do to your property, can run much higher.

When Should I Service My Oil Boiler?

Issues often occur in oil boilers at the end of the summer, when boilers are switched on again after the warmer months – this is generally due to parts seizing up from inactivity. This means that the peak times for boiler engineers are often in the autumn months, through to February. It is recommended that you should service your boiler annually, between the months of February and October when firms are quieter, to ensure you receive the best value for money.

How Much Will an Oil Boiler Service Cost?

Depending on where you live, a full and thorough service by a registered engineer is likely to cost from £50-£180. Residents in larger cities such as London will often be charged at the higher end of this scale, with customers in smaller towns or villages often being quoted lower. When looking for an engineer, be sure to get quotes from as many qualified professionals as possible. It also helps to quote the name and brand number of your oil boiler, as well as its location and age, to ensure accuracy in the price.

Anything Else?

As well as the regular essential services to your oil boiler, please be sure to have a carbon monoxide detector installed in your home, close to the oil boiler. Not only will this provide you with essential piece of mind about your safety, if a fault does occur with your oil boiler you will be informed quickly.

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J Drew, Hants
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Boiler servicing can save lives

Regular servicing ensures your boiler is running at peak efficiency saving fuel and money but more importantly it could also spot the escape of potentially lethal carbon monoxide, which could just save your life.

Servicing typically costs between £50-£80 so what are you waiting for?

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