6 Energy Efficient Habits That Could Cut Your Bills

Changing the way you use energy and forming good habits can reduce your household bills – and it won’t cost you a penny. We took a look at 6 common ways energy is wasted in the home and the simple habits you can form to prevent them.

Keep Doors Closed

The problem: Many households leave doors throughout their home open which creates a nice breezy environment in the warm months but can cause draughts and heat loss in wintertime.

The solution: Close doors to any rooms you will not be using or heating in order to keep cool drafts at bay. Getting into the habit of closing doors behind you to the rooms you are using will also help to keep the heat in, making your home more comfortable and potentially cheaper to heat.

Don’t Leave Appliances on Standby

The problem: We’ve all been guilty of leaving appliances on standby now and then, but doing this on a regular basis can actually contribute a surprising amount to your bills. According to the Energy Saving Trust the average UK household spends £30 a year powering appliances left on standby.

The solution: Try to build a habit of turning off appliances once you are finished using them. Leaving chargers for electricals like phones and laptops once a device is fully charged will also use energy, so switching these off is a good idea too.

Turn Off the Tap When you Brush Your Teeth

The problem: If you leave the tap running whilst you brush your teeth you could be wasting up to 12-18 litres every time you brush.

The solution: Probably the easiest but most effective tip on our list is to get into the habit of turning off the tap unless you are actually using it when you brush your teeth and start saving on your water bills.

Boil Only the Water you Need

The problem: Here in the UK we love a good cup of tea and for many households this means boiling the kettle several times a day. Filling the kettle up each time means it takes longer to boil, using more electricity.

The solution: Only fill the kettle with as much water as you need (most have an indicator or you can fill your cup with cold water and pour it into the kettle).

Turn Off Lights When you Leave the Room

The problem: Leaving lights on doesn’t contribute a huge sum to your energy bill, but every little helps when you add up all of the electrical items in your home. Often we will turn lights on throughout our homes even if we are only using one room and even forget to turn them off for a whole day or night.

The solution: Try and build a habit of turning lights off every time you leave a room, over time it will become something you naturally do without even thinking about it. You could also do a quick check that you have switched all of your lights off before you leave the house.

Don’t Keep Opening the Oven

The problem: Opening the oven every time you check on your food causes heat to escape, lowering the temperature. Not only does this extend your cooking time, it can use energy as your oven needs to reach the correct temperature again.

The solution: Keep the glass front of your oven clean and you can simply look in and check on your food instead of opening the door.