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6 energy saving swaps

If you want to save energy around the home there are several swaps you can make to the type of appliances you use on a daily basis. Some of these switches are good to bear in mind when you are considering replacing an appliance whilst others can often implement right away.

1. Switch your desktop computer for a laptop

Desktop computers use on average 166 kWh a year - 6 times the amount of energy used by a laptop! Whilst most people won't rush out to buy a whole new computer to save on electricity bills, this is a great consideration to make when it comes to replacing your computer. If you do have a laptop, you can save even more energy by making sure the charger is turned off at the socket once your battery is full since it will continue to use energy.

2. Replace regular light bulbs with energy efficient versions

Many homeowners are put off from energy saving light bulbs because of the initial high cost number of considerations you need to make when buying. If chosen wisely they can actually save you a huge amount of money over their lifetime. There are plenty of comprehensive guides to picking the right energy efficient bulbs for your home so it is definitely checking one of these before making the switch.

3. Use an electric blanket instead of a space heater

If you are heating a bedroom with a space heater, you might be better off considering an electric blanket. Whilst it may seem a little old fashioned, most electric blankets use far less energy than space heaters but will still help to keep a bed toasty in the colder months. Make sure to follow any safety precautions and instructions if you do choose to use an electric blanket.

4. Swap large appliances for energy efficient ones

Larger white goods account for a hefty chunk of our energy bills, second only to the cost of heating a home. Fridges, washing machines and tumble driers are three of the worst culprits and older appliances tend to be much less energy efficient than new models. If you are planning to replace your appliances, make sure to study and compare energy efficiency labels so you can get the most efficient product for your money.

5. Trade your plasma TV for an LCD model

Plasma televisions are probably the most surprising energy vampire around the home. A flat screen plasma TV gets through on average 658 kWh per year - which often translates to nearly £100 in electricity bills! Opting for an LCD television could use as little as a third of the energy a plasma equivalent will go through.

6. Heat water in the kettle instead of the microwave

Whilst in the UK it is more common to boil water using a kettle, in many countries the microwave is the appliance of choice. In a recent experiment found that using a kettle to heat water is not only more cost effective but also takes just a fraction of the time.

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