A state scheme to help the vulnerable keep warm in Scotland is to undergo some changes

21st Dec 2010

After a number of boiler malfunctions due to the freezing temperatures, Scottish Gas has decided to rethink what boilers it installs as part of a state-sponsored scheme to help the nation keep warm.

Under the Energy Assistance Package, run by the Scottish government, vulnerable people are given help with their energy bills and helped to keep a warmer and more energy efficient home.

An 81-year-old resident, Alfreda Miller of Newport, was one victim of the weather. She was forced to rely on just a fan heater for warmth after the external condensate pipe on her new boiler froze. The boiler had been installed in September under the Scottish Energy Assistance Package.

According to Scottish Gas the necessary repairs have now been carried out and the pipe has been insulated to ensure it does not freeze again. But as a result of cases such as this the scheme is set to undergo some important changes.