Compare Air Source Heat Pumps by Viessmann

Compare Air Source Heat Pumps by Viessmann

Viessmann air source heat pump

Viessmann is a German company with over 100 years of technological innovation behind them and they appear to be heading towards an even more successful future with their renewable heating solutions.

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Viessmann Air Source Heat Pumps

German engineering, 100 years of expertise and a clear mission to revolutionise the way we heat our homes, Viessmann offers a range of air source heat pumps to be reckoned with.

The future for Viessmann is built on green and sustainable heating systems like their air source heat pumps. While traditional boilers use expensive fossil fuels and emit carbon into the atmosphere, heat pumps use free, renewable energy from the air outside your home.

The range offers a great amount of versatility with options suitable for new builds as the only source of heating and for installing alongside traditional heating when modernising existing systems. They are also compatible with solar panels and many feature active and natural cooling functions which means they act as heat generators on cold days but can also create bring cool air into the house in summer.

Vitocal 300-A Air-to-Water Heat Pump – Vitocal 300-A Air-to-Water Heat Pump – Vitocal 200-A Air-to-Water Monobloc Heat Pump Vitocal 222-A Air-to-Water Monobloc Heat Pump
Suitable for Indoor installation, detached houses, new builds, modernisation, dual fuel systems Indoor / outdoor installation, Detached / semi-detached houses, new builds, modernisation, dual fuel systems Single family new builds Single family house, new build and modernisation
Available Capacities 3 – 9 kW 7 – 8.5 kW 2.6 – 11 kW 2.3 – 11.8 kW
Maximum Flow temperature Up to 65 °C at -10 °C outdoor temperature Up to 65 °C at -10 °C outdoor temperature Up to 60 °C at -10 °C outdoor temperature Up to 60 °C at -10 °C outdoor temperature
Energy Rating A++ A++ A++ / A+++ A++ / A

Vitocal 300-A Air-to-water Heat Pump

There is a Vitocal 300-A for indoor installation and another for indoor/outdoor installation. Each is available in different capacities.

The latest Vitocal 300-A model has been reimagined and is one of the most attractive on the market with a sleek contemporary design. The new design is available in capacities between 7 – 8.5 kW and is installed in the garden. It delivers a maximum flow temperature of up to 65°C and is recommended for the modernisation of detached and semi-detached houses.
The Vitocal 300-A can be combined with a solar PV system to further reduce running costs and can be easily controlled from mobile devices like smartphones via an app when you connect your heat pump to the Vitocom 100.

If all that weren’t enough, it will also provide cool air in the summer, is exceptionally quiet in operation and features the RCD (Refrigerant Cycle Diagnostic) system. This is constantly monitors the heat demand against the available heat to achieve the highest level of efficiency.

Vitocal 200-A Air-to-water Heat Pump

The Vitocal 200-A is a monobloc heat pump which means all components needed for heat recovery are tucked away inside the heat pump enabling a neater installation. Lines of water connect an indoor unit to an outdoor unit and it can also be combined with solar panels and integrated into both new and existing heating systems. The Vitocal 200-A heat pumps are available for use either just for heating (AWO-M), or for heating and cooling (AWO-M-E-AC).

Vitocal 222-A Air-to-water Heat Pump

The Vitocal 222-A is another monobloc heat pump but it also includes an integrated 220 litre hot water cylinder so you have a supply of hot water when you need it. There is a compact, wall-mounted indoor unit connected to the outdoor unit by pipes filled with water and the reversible circuit mean it will also provide cooling air.

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Why Consider a Viessmann Air Source Heat Pump?

Save Money on Energy Bills

For every 1kW of energy an air source heat pump uses, it produces 3kW of energy. When you consider that even the most efficient boiler is only 92-93% efficient (losing the remaining 7-8% of energy through waste gases), it’s easy to see where the energy bill savings come from.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Using free air to heat your home and hot water rather than fossil fuels like gas and oil will significantly lower both your impact on the environment and your energy bills. Although heat pumps use a small amount electricity to run they can cut a home’s carbon emissions by as much as 50%.

Easy to Maintain

The average life of a boiler is just 8-10 years but as long as your air source heat pump gets an annual service it should need very little maintenance and many can last for up to 25 years.

Heat Your Home All Year Round

Air source heat pumps by Vaillant will work in the worst UK temperatures as they are designed to cope with temperatures as low as -10°C.

Advanced Acoustic Design

The height of advanced acoustic design and modern technology, Viessmann heat pumps are almost inaudible during operation. Viessmann use the most advanced components and compressor technology to deliver quiet running, low vibrations and an extremely long life without the need for maintenance.

Smart Control Convenience

Many Viessmann heat pumps can be controlled via a smart device with the Vitoconnect control unit and free ViCare app so you can stay on top of your energy use wherever you are.

Earn Money Through the RHI Scheme

The RHI scheme pays owners of eligible renewable heating systems for each unit of energy the heat pump generates for 7 years after it has been commissioned. The exact payments you’ll receive will vary depending on the current tariff, the technology installed and how much energy you generate. When installed by an MCS accredited company, an air-to-water heat pump could earn you money through the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme.

How Much Does a Viessmann Air Source Heat Pump Cost?

The average cost of installing an air source heat pump system is around £6,000 – £12,000. Of course the price you’ll pay will depend on the model and size of the heat pump you choose and which company to carries out the installation.

If you’re deterred by the upfront cost remember to think about the long term gains. Once the installation is completed you can look forward to many years of energy savings and potential earnings through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme which will go a long way towards repaying your investment.

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Interested in a Viessmann Air Source Heat Pump?

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