New Boiler Installation

New Boiler Installation Investing in a new boiler is a great idea for reducing energy costs in the home thanks to the rising efficiency of modern boilers in comparison to older models.

Most new condensing boilers run at an efficiency of over 90% whilst many older boilers are less than 70%. New boilers also tend to have a much lower environmental impact, with energy efficiency being considered more heavily in design each year.

Installing a new boiler is not something an untrained member of the general public should entertain alone. There is plenty that could go wrong if you are not trained and attempting work on a gas appliance yourself is extremely dangerous.

Where do I get a new boiler from?

There are a couple of options to consider for your new boiler.

Directly from the boiler manufacturer – This can often can be cheaper, but if you are unsure of what you need, it may not be the wisest choice. This will of course still require installation.

Through heating engineers – The easiest choice, likely to have trained professionals that can help you choose exactly what you need and guide you through all your available boiler replacement options. Boiler Guide is an easy way to get competitive quotes from approved installers in your area.

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