Baxi Ecogen Scoops Another Top Accolade

2nd Feb 2011

Following on from its success at the PlanExpo Awards in Dublin late last year, the Baxi Ecogen dual energy system has won another top accolade.

At an event held in London last Thursday, the Government’s chief scientific advisor, Sir John Beddington, presented officials from Baxi with the winning Rushlight Award in the category of Power Generation and Transmission.

The prestigious Rushlight Awards recognise and reward UK and Irish organisations that have demonstrated an ability to lead the way in developing innovative environmental technology. In the Baxi Ecogen, there is arguably no more eco-friendly a boiler available in Britain.

Resembling a conventional wall-hung central heating boiler, the Baxi Ecogen is actually a dual energy system that provides all the necessary domestic heating and hot water whilst generating electricity for use in the home. The boiler’s Free Piston Stirling Engine (FPSE) generates up to 1kWh, which can be used to power domestic appliances so that households pay less on their electricity bills. Offering a further benefit to homeowners and tenants, unused electricity is exported to the grid under the Government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme (FITs).

FITs enables householders to receive 10p for each kW generated by the boiler (or any other MCS-certified appliance). An additional 3p is paid for each kW exported to the grid, meaning that energy efficient householders can actually make money from the boiler. Addressing energy efficiency in homes across Britain is an important objective for the UK Government. Homeowners can reduce the amount of heat lost in their properties by installing double glazing, insulating lofts and purchasing cavity wall insulation. Replacing an old energy inefficient boiler with the Baxi Ecogen can also reduce carbon emissions and save on the cost of fuel.

Collecting the award, Baxi’s head of low carbon sales, Graham Parkes, said: “We are delighted to receive this award for Baxi Ecogen. At Baxi, we pride ourselves on our low-cost, carbon-cutting solutions and to be recognised for our revolutionary Baxi Ecogen is a tremendous achievement for all involved. This appliance heralds the most important step-change for the home heating industry since the condensing boiler and will be a key factor in delivering a sustainable, low carbon future for this country.”