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British Families are Losing Cash by Wasting Energy

28th Nov 2012

The Heating & Hot Water Industry Council (HHIC) have launched a campaign to persuade average British families across the nation to stop wasting so much energy.

The campaign is quite aptly named the 'Hole In The Roof' campaign, since it seeks to address the fact that many families across the UK are continually wasting energy, and therefore also money, as if they have a large hole in the roof.

The campaign takes an ordinary family, dubbed 'The Romans', living in an ordinary house, in an ordinary street and who could be any average family in the UK. The Romans of course don't actually have a hole in the roof, but they might as well do, as might any of us, given the amount of energy they waste, much of it leaking through doors, walls, windows, fireplaces, roofs, keyholes and garages. Compared to our European neighbours, it is a well-documented fact that Britons waste far more energy than Europeans do.

The consequences of the Romans unthinking behaviour is that energy bills become ever higher. The family is set in their ways and resistant to change. They walk around the house and turn up the thermostat while opening the windows to cool down and hang the clothes on rails in front of radiators but open windows to get rid of the moisture, and many other energy wasting practices.

"We can all identify with the behaviour of the Romans" said Roger Webb, HHIC director, "as their energy wasting habits are quite familiar especially for those of us with teenage children. The purpose of our Hole in the Roof campaign is to raise awareness of energy efficiency and how important it is to make sure our homes leak less energy resulting in financial savings."

The HHIC has published a list of improvements and upgrades that installers can recommend in order to save money. These include better hot water storage, the installation of a new condensing boiler or a biomass heating system, modern heating controls and reflector panels behind radiators. If a householder was to implement all of the listed home improvements and upgrades they could save at least £1200 per year. Keeping your house within the 19 to 20 degree temperature range for example will save £55 per year, whilst fitting reflector panels behind radiators will save you an additional 20% from your energy bill.

These are just the kind of improvements you can make with respect to your central heating system and your attitude towards it, something that represents a major chunk of your energy expenditure. It's certainly worth thinking about before your next bill arrives.

Visit to learn more about the campaign.


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