Central heating tops the list of UK property must-haves

6th Apr 2016

New research has revealed that central heating is the biggest priority for home buyers in the UK, with 79% of respondents saying it’s a must-have.

Double glazing came a close second at 74%, whilst a good energy efficiency rating also showed some importance to buyers at 50%.

So why do energy efficiency measures top the list of priorities when it comes to buying a new home? High energy prices are the most likely cause, with gas and electricity bills coming in as the number one concern for homeowners in a recent YouGov report.

Whilst an efficient central heating system is the first step to keeping your home warm, and heating bills at a reasonable price, the energy efficiency of a property also plays a large role. Double glazing is one great step towards this, however the majority of heat is lost through the walls and roof of a property.

Only 47% of respondents listed cavity wall insulation as a priority in a new home, a surprisingly low figure considering how effective it can be against heat loss.

If energy efficiency is a big priority for you when it comes to purchasing a house, looking at the energy performance certificate can be a big help. The numerical rating on an EPC is a good indicator of the kind of energy bills you may get – the higher the number, the more energy efficient the property is and therefore cheaper to heat.