Energy efficiency an undervalued concept says Baxi

11th Dec 2012

The managing director of Baxi is calling for more support to encourage households to become more energy efficient, saying the concept continues to remain undervalued amongst UK energy consumers. 

Andrew Keating, the Managing Director of the UK’s oldest boiler manufacturer wants the heating industry to be more vocal in championing the benefits of energy efficiency to the general population. He said boiler manufacturers need to do more to support installers to help get the message out there when it comes to energy efficient boilers and heating controls.

“As boiler manufacturers – and I represent Baxi, the UK’s oldest boiler manufacturer – it’s incumbent on us to communicate the efficiency message for the times in which we live – and to articulate that message in a way that people understand and engage with,” said Mr Keating, who was speaking out whilst attending the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council Parliamentary Reception last month.

“We have to make people understand how efficiency can have a positive effect on their lives. And if you think they already know that, ask yourself why we have four million inefficient boilers heating homes in the UK. It’s natural that, as manufacturers, we talk about the efficiency of our boilers and our low carbon solutions, but efficiency extends far beyond the boiler. It’s about insulation, it’s about controls – it’s about lifestyle,” he added.

Last month Baxi launched its innovative new boiler efficiency calculator which both installers and customers can use to predict the savings benefits to be achieved with a new A-rated boiler replacement.