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Advice needed - Ravenheat boiler only fires up when plenum chamber cover is removed

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  • Advice needed - Ravenheat boiler only fires up when plenum chamber cover is removed

    Hi all, I'm new here but trying to solve an issue with our Ravenheat boiler. It's an RSF 820/20 boiler.

    The pilot light is on but we've had an issue where the boiler takes a while to fire up when you put the heating on or run the hot tap. This has gradually become worse recently and sometimes it can take up to 5 minutes for the burners to fire up.
    Originally we contacted Ravenheat and were told it was symptomatic of the air pressure switch malfunctioning.
    We removed the switch and gave it a good clean and re-fit it. Upon doing this we thought we'd seen an improvement but actually realised it was because we'd removed the plenum cover during the process of locating the switch. With the plenum chamber cover back on we see no improvement.

    We ordered a new air pressure switch just to be sure it wasn't that as Ravenheat tech support still suggested that it was most likely the cause of our fault. We fitted the new switch but if anything the issue is now worse with the boiler failing to fire up entirely. We now cannot get it to fire up even after a significant period of time but the pilot light is still lit.

    If the plenum chamber cover is removed the boiler will fire up immediately 100% of the time but as soon as it is screwed back on the problem starts again.

    We obviously don't want to tinker with anything that could be a danger but if we could get a clearer idea of what the fault could be we can hopefully find a simple solution and if not we'll be forced to call out an engineer.

    Any advice much appreciated, thanks

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    As boiler works ok with cover removed this indicates the flow through your flue is incorrect. This certainly points at pressure switch but as changed it is necessary to look at pipes from pressure switch for blockages or damage and also the venturi. These can become blocked or sometimes melt. Integrity of flue also needs checking. Would strongly advise you employ a qualified Gas-safe engineer as there are severe penalties for unqualified workers.


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      dump the ravenheat and get a new worcester. simples!!!


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        Do not touch your boiler. You don't know what you are doing and have already broken the law and possibly endangered yourselves. Get a gas safe registered engineer to fix it. There is not a safe alternative. If you do have a flueing issue then your boiler is dangerous.


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          I can not believe some people on here are offering advice on how to repair a gas appliance, people are clearly breaking the law by removing the combustion chamber and trying to resolve a problem with clearly no knowledge of what they are doing.
          As above get a gas safe registered engineer in to evaluate and repair your boiler


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            as above you've probably fixed it by now but if you havn't tell your engineer to check the fan had a similar issue with same boiler turned out to be the impellers on the fan severly clogged up through lack of servicing cleaned these boiler worked fine. The worrying thing was the customer had loosened four screws on the cover to get the boiler to work before contacting me for a service.