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Alpha ECO 240E Lightiing Problems

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  • Alpha ECO 240E Lightiing Problems

    HI, I am looking for some advice regarding an Alpha ECO 240E boiler

    We have recently moved into a new property and we are having issues lighting the boiler.

    I basically found it impossible to get the boiler to light and called in an engineer who managed to eventually light it.

    Everything was fine for a week and then the pilot light went out, I am now back to stage one and simply can not get it to light.

    I have, as far as im aware followed the instructions to a T but it just will not spark.

    The instructions state to have the boiler set with all temps to off and to light in the hot water setting, however this produces no results, if i set the boiler to heating and hot water it will spark but will not remain lit.

    Is there anything I can try before having to call out another engineer?

    Thank you in advance. Tom.

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    It sounds like you are probably going to have to call an engineer. Alpha are not a good make. If it has a pilot it is getting on a bit and won't be condensing. Replacing it with a new boiler that has a warranty and cost less to run would be a good idea. If not and it is going to be unreliable a maintenance contract may save you overall. One that you can call a guy out as many times as you need with no extra fee although you would just be spending money on a contract that could be put towards a new boiler which you will have to do eventually and paying higher gas bills in the meantime.


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      Hi Tom,

      Albatross is correct in what he says. You could end up throwing hundreds at this boiler (probably best part of 20 years old now and would have been a comparatively cheap boiler in its day) and still be left with what is essentially an obsolete bit of kit that won't be dependable in the long run.

      It could be any of

      a) Spark assembly (3 parts)
      b) Thermocouple
      c) Gas Valve
      d) Thermocouple interrupter attached to overheat stat

      Either way depending on where in the country you are, what is wrong with it and how competent / expensive the engineer(s) you get out to work on it are you could easily spend 500 or more getting this properly sorted. Then God forbid something else completely unconnected goes wrong a couple of months down the line....

      If you have the funds then I'd look at a new boiler (supplied and fitted between 1100 for a cheap one -1700 for a great one) now rather than put it off and chuck money at this old one.

      Remember: Your boiler does more work than any appliance in your home apart from maybe your fridge! 1700 over even a conservatively estimated 10 year lifespan equates to about 40p per day which isn't bad when compared to equivalent costs for other appliances, cars, computers etc.
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