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Understanding settings on Biasi

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  • Understanding settings on Biasi

    Hi everyone.
    Would like some help please understanding our Biasi Compact HE combi boiler
    This problem has only come to light as our gas bill has gone sky high and were questioned about how our boiler is operated.
    We have been in the house 3 years and I believe this problem has always been present.

    What's happening is if I set the thermostat on the side of a radiator I don't get any heat until about setting 3 (max heat is 5), all is ok to start with then after approx 30 mins the radiator will go cold and not cut back in. Only way to get heat back is to turn thermostat slightly and same happens again.
    Now if the rad is set to highest setting the heat is great and constant , and this is how we have been using them on max.
    System has been bled fully and system pressure is 1.2bar.

    Our heated towel rack is constant heat too and never goes cold, seems only on regulated radiators the problem occurs.
    We leave the boiler constantly on with no timers set and turn it off manually when not needed.

    One menu i don't understand is the timed delay menu and what this is used for, currently it's set to a "-" with no time inputted. Can anyone explain whether this is correct and whether I have to alter settings or do you think the problem lies elsewhere?
    Many thanks in advance.

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    Firstly how much is your gas bill and is it from actual readings and how big is your house? The average for a 3 bed semi is 1400 a year now. Your system appears to be running normally from your description. Have you 300mm loft insulation/cavity wall insulation?

    Your description of the radiator valves is normal operation. If you set it at a number, say 5, it will allow the radiator to heat the room until the room reaches the temperature of 5 and the radiator will go off until the room cools below 5 and then it will come on again and so on.


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      Thanks for your reply
      Our latest bill was for 135 whereas it's normally 50 ish. 3 bed semi.
      The problem with the radiators is they just go cold and do not reheat, even when the room is cold. It's not maintaining the heat in the room , however the boiler can be heard kicking in. Move the valve slightly and heat comes back into radiator instantly.


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        Your biils sound as bad as everyone elses if you average them out over the year. You could try switching suppliers. Your valves may be dicky and need replacing in that case, but the more they are on the more it will cost you.


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          Bill sounds about correct to me too. I have a rental property with an A-rated Biasi boiler and the bills are about the the same there

          I would say that any fault you have lies with the control setup:

          1. You may want to consider upgrading the timer on that boiler to a third party external unit as Biasi integrated timers are really poor. They shouldn't bother fitting them in my opinion as all they do is confuse customers.

          2. You haven't mentioned whether you have a master thermostat that will actually shut the boiler off once the place is warm enough. If not then have one fitted - it will make a difference to your bills.

          3. How old (roughly) are your thermostatic radiator valves? In my opinion TRV heads only have about 4-5 years in them before the internal wax capsule loses its elasticity and stops them working as proper thermostats. Also, mega-cheap ones aren't worth wasting your time on, just think of them as on/off valves! If you have decent branded ones then you may just be able to change the heads yourself and improve the situation. You could also consider Pegler programmable TRV heads which you can also fit yourself - more expensive but they are excellent (links below):

          Terrier i-temp website
          Terrier i-temp i30 Programmable Thermostatic Radiator Valve |

          4. As Albatross touched upon - Insulation is probably pound-for-pound a better way of saving money on heating bills than anything else. Loft insulation / cavity wall insulation will drastically improve things.

          There is nothing fundamentally wrong with Biasi boilers except it tends to be poor quality fitters that install them so corners are often cut during installation & commissioning!
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