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Glowworm 56/3 e Back boiler keeps sparking!!

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  • Glowworm 56/3 e Back boiler keeps sparking!!

    Hi there i have a Glowworm 56/3 eBack boiler that wont stop sparking and after pilot is lit and it wont open up the Gas Valve for the main Burner it just keeps sparking! Any Help Guys

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    I have a friend with an economy which kept sparking, and would eventually pilot light, then eventually kick the main burner off. It turned out to be a blocked pilot that partially burned, and the heat/fumes werent enough to send a stop sparking/switch main burner on to the pcb. The jet has 2 v small holes that let gas out.
    Try to remove the pilot assembly and blow down the gas access area (all gas turned off) (where the flame would come out) Dont use prickers cos they open out the jets, which are a specific size to regulate the gas flow.
    If the jets dont clean, be careful if you want to unclamp it off the aluminium tube, cos the tube will fracture.
    You may have to heat the outer and freeze the inner to strip it down further (Google Image Result for refers) Just watch how much youbend the tubing, aluminium work hardens and fractures. Then its a new assembly. Sad face.


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      The spec for the pilot was 12mm flames on mine, one for the main burner jets and one for the spark assembly. The flames were actually a fraction of this, so the spark assy never registered that the flame was on (when it eventually lit), it kept sparking and never switched on the main gas valve solenoid. When you get a gas safe bloke in, suggest that they clean out the pilot jets before having a punt with changing things that cost bucketloads. Dont use prickers, reverse air pressure is best. Maybe the gas safe engineer has a can of compressed air.


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        Just to clarify; The pcb knows when the pilot is lit by flame rectification. i.e. passing a small current through the lit flame. It does not detect heat or pressure. So the obvious question is; Is that signal getting back to the pcb? If it is the the pcb is down. If it isn't then there is either a fault with the electrode, electrode lead or the pilot flame is not correct. The main gas will not light until the pcb knows the pilot has lit.
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