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Help Please Pilot light gone out

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  • Help Please Pilot light gone out

    Hi, this is an emergency. The pilot light on my Puma has gone out and I don't know how to re-light it. Can anybody give me an idea. I have got the front off but there doesn'[t seem to be a button to push to re-ignite it.

    Help Please.

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    From the owner manual: -
    (start with the central haeting switch in the off position)

    On Permanent Pilot version only, light the pilot:
    i. Press control knob in lightly and turn. Align Off position
    with marker.
    ii. Press control knob in lightly and turn. Align ignition
    position (spark shape) with marker.
    iii. Press control knob in firmly and hold, at the same time
    press the ignition button (generally orange or black). The pilot flame should be
    visible at the pilot window. If not press the ignition
    button until the flame is established.
    iv. When the flame is established hold the control knob in
    for approximately 20 seconds before releasing. The
    pilot flame should remain alight.
    v. Press control knob in lightly and turn, align full flame
    position with marker .
    l) Switch the Boiler switch to On.


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      OP, can you confirm the exact model number of your Puma? If it has the letter 'e' (for example Puma 80e / 100e / Combi 80e) somewhere on it then there is no button to light the pilot - the boiler does it itself! If no pilot then maybe faulty PCB / ignition assembly etc. Probably not user-fixable.....
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        I have Potterton Profile 60e which is over ten years old. Recently it had been taking longer start up, which got to the point where it refused to fire at all, although it was still drawing air and sparking as usual. It was suggested to me that a hair drier might start it (which it did) after removing the lower cover and playing it on the terminal block area, as the problem may be caused by a component that has begun to deterioate with age. Can anyone advise me on exactly what this part is and if it's still obtainable. many thanks T.W. March.


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          You should not be taking your boiler apart. You need to call an engineer. Stop messing about with your hairdryer and put the cover back on. The hairdryer has had no effect and is just coincidence. The fault is common and easy enough to fix with the right parts. You cannot fix it yourself though so call an engineer out.