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Vaillant ecoTec pro 20 pressure problem

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  • Vaillant ecoTec pro 20 pressure problem


    I had a brand new Vaillant ecoTec Pro 28 boiler and central heating system installed about 30 months ago. It has a wireless thermostat (Drayton Digistat +3 RF) which appeared to stop working after about a year. Although the actual portable device would recognise when the temperature had dropped below the desired setting, there seemed to be a problem communicating with the Drayton box attached to the boiler and the boiler would never fire up (it had an error code of 5.30 / S.30)

    I did not get this repaired, because I was still able to use the boiler by turning it on manually at the boiler (although it only stays on for 20 mins at at time).

    However, a few weeks ago I found that the alarm had gone off and noticed that the pressure had fallen dramatically. I checked all of the pipes and radiators and there was no leak so adjusted the pressure manually. Within a few days it had fallen again. This keeps happening (on occasions it even rises to the maximum) and I'm wondering what it could be.

    From speaking to Vaillant, they say it will cost me about 300 for someone to look at it and repair it. Is that my only option? Any advice would be gratefully received! Thanks.

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    What warranty did you get on the Boiler?


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      Get a local gas engineer to have a look at it sound like the expansion vessel to me, make sure your filling loop is not passing first as that could cause this problem.
      Have you checked to see if your pressure relief pipe ie the copper one that sticks out the wall has been passing.


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        Normal vaillant installer give 5 year warranty to that boiler,


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          I can go there no call charge


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            Hi there
            It sounds like the expansion vessel has failed, they have a test nipple on them, so you can check the pressure inside the diaphragm , it should read between .9-1.1 bar, this cab be checked using a pressure gauge, just like you use on a car tyre, halfords sell them for 6.00, but do check that the PRV is not letting bye outside


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              it sound like when you had the remote stat fitted they must have put it in service mode which will turn off you boiler this is to remind you the you need your boiler servicing as for the pressure dropping you have got a leek some where