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  • Intermittent Boiler Fault

    Hi Folks,

    I have a puzzling issue that I hope someone could help diagnose.
    The mother-in-law has a Greenstar 34DCI Classic that has worked fine for ~7 years (without a service ). Recently it has been intermittently cutting out and requiring a reset and displaying an "EA" error message on the screen. Sometimes it will go for days happily and sometimes it will die within 5 mins of being reset. Here is my troubleshooting so far:
    System water pressure at 1.25 bar
    I've emptied the condensate trap (a little gritty but not the solution)
    We had a plumber come out and he concluded that the mains gas pressure was to blame likely water in the meter.
    We had the gas network out to check the meter - they found a small amount of water in it but not likely to be the cause of the issue. Water removed and boiler was good for a few days.
    Pipe diameter is 22mm, boiler is in the loft and pipes are on the outside of the house but I don't think the run is long enough to cause a pressure drop that it would cause a problem.
    Had gas network out again who checked the mains pressure again and said it is fine (within normal limits).
    Currently the boiler stays on for 20 minutes max before needing a reset.

    So my questions are these:
    1. how much can the mains pressure (in Feltham, SW London area) fluctuate, could mains pressure be the issue?
    2. does anybody know of some recent even that could cause big mains pressure fluctuations.
    3. Is there something else in the boiler that could cause an intermittent fault like this? with the plumber saying it is the mains and the network saying it isn't its difficult to know wtf is going on.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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    From experience on that model boiler I suspect the fault to be a sticking bearing plate inside the boiler. Get it replaced and Iím sure the fault will stop. If this doesnít work it could be gas valve, electrodes, condense or gas supply. But again, from experience itís always the bearing plate at this age of cdi boiler.
    hope this helps


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      Sorry didn’t read your message fully. If boiler only lasts 20mins gas supply issues are pretty likely. Also with boiler being a 37kw in a loft the pipe does have a long way to supply the boiler. I would suggest calling Worcester or another gas engineer to investigate.
      Mall they would need to do is check gas pressure at boiler then at meter while boiler running in max gas, that would tell them where or if you have a gas supply issue.