Free biomass boilers for social landlords

4th Jul 2012

Social landlords are being offered the chance to increase the desirability of their housing stock by cutting heating bills and carbon emissions through the installation of a biomass boiler. And what’s more, it’s free. 

Strategic Energy provide renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions for social housing providers, as well as commercial and residential customers. Under their latest initiative, the group will supply, finance and install biomass boilers for social housing landlords.

The company will benefit financially through the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), which has been established to encourage people to switch to renewable heating by paying a fee for the heat they produce. The RHI payment would go towards offsetting the cost of the biomass heating system.

Strategic Energy recently appointed a biomass expert to develop their free biomass boiler model. With more than ten years of experience in sustainability, Rudie Humphrey has joined the group as their UK Biomass Operations Manager.

Discussing the free biomass initiative, Mr Humphrey said the pure equity fully funded model meant there would be no capital outlay or maintenance costs associated with the boiler, which is great for landlords.

“Due to their very nature, buildings that benefit the most from biomass boilers are using oil or liquefied petroleum gas and therefore it costs a lot to heat them. We can cut the capital cost significantly and with improved efficiency we can even compete with gas as prices rise,” explained Mr Humphrey.

“So a biomass boiler is a vital piece of renewable technology to install as it drastically improves energy performance, slashes carbon emissions by using sustainable fuel and provides considerable savings on operational costs,” he added.

Biomass energy can be generated from numerous sources, including wood, plants and agricultural waste, although in residential installations wood chip or wood pellets are traditionally burnt to heat the home. Which means they aren’t reliant on expensive fossil fuels like gas, electricity and oil and are kinder on the environment. And because Strategic Energy have in place deals with fuel suppliers, costs can be reduced even further.