Freetricity diversifying with biomass boilers

30th Jul 2012

They’ve already made a name for themselves in the solar PV market and now Freetricity are diversifying into the biomass boiler market.

Freetricity is one of a handful of companies who will install solar PV panels for free and now the company is moving into renewable heating technologies. Businesses, schools and charities across the Wiltshire area can apply to have the energy efficient green heating system installed for free.

Under the scheme, the biomass boiler will be serviced and maintained for a 20 year period. Certain criteria will have to be met and the end user will have to agree to using the equipment for a minimum number of hours per annum. In return they will be able to achieve an estimated 30-50% saving on their fuel bills.

Freetricity will be entitled to receive Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments from the Government which will go some way towards the installation and maintenance costs of the system. The RHI, like the solar feed-in tariff, pays out a set amount for every kilowatt hour of renewable heat generated.

Paul Williams, CEO of Freetricity said the company had decided to move into the biomass energy sector:

“We believe that this is an exciting new area of business for us which offers similar benefits to business owners as our solar energy offer has.  Over time, we hope to expand Freetricity further into other renewable sectors.

“This type of heating system offers a greener, more cost effective way of heating buildings.  By installing one of our free biomass boilers, there are no upfront costs but businesses benefit from cheaper heating bills and no capital outlay for a new boiler which can cost up to £200,000.”

Biomass boilers can be connected to most heating and hot water systems, and can be integrated with other types of renewable energy technologies. Unfortunately for residential customers interested in installing domestic biomass boilers the Freetricity scheme is only available for commercial installations. Domestic systems can be installed for around £11,500; or basic wood pellet stoves prices start at around £4,500.*

Freetricity was set up by Paul Williams and Ben Way, who met on Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire. The company installs renewable technology systems to both domestic and commercial customers and will be branching out in to heat pumps shortly.

*According to the Energy Saving Trust