Glow-worm 5kW heat pump is ideal for low energy requirements

26th Nov 2010

The new 5kW air to water heat pump by Glow-worm is the latest product in its Clearly Heat Pumps range.

The system has an electrical back-up heater, making it ideal for new build houses with a low energy requirement. Better still, it combines high performance renewable technology with hassle free installation.

Clearly Heat Pumps 5kW is efficient at heating and provides a domestic hot water solution for smaller properties. It measures at just 900 x 880 x 345mm, with a calculated heat loss less than 5kW.

A Coefficient of Performance (CoP) of 3.79 (A7/W35) is provided and using non ozone depleting R410a refrigerant, the pump also incorporates a modulating DC fan, functioning at between 300 and 750 rpm, keeping noise to a minimum.

The new heat system allows for excellent green credentials. As well as helping to achieve level 4 of the Code of Sustainable Homes, it can deliver carbon savings of over 40 per cent. Clearly Heat Pumps 5kW also has full MCS accreditation, meaning it may become eligible for future Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) funding.

Installation and servicing are simple and hassle free. No F gas qualifications are needed to install and there’s no need for glycol in the central heating circuit. The compact modern design unit requires no separate extension vessels or addition buffer vessels and all components are easily accessible, making the product the most installation friendly heat pump currently on the UK market.

Clearly Heat Pumps 5kW can be used as a standalone system or as part of Glow-worm’s Clearly Hybrid system – an intelligent renewable domestic heating system.