Greenflame Pellet Boilers Launched By Trianco

17th Apr 2012

Trianco has produced a new biomass pellet boiler as an addition to its range of renewable energy heating systems. The new boiler has been called ‘Greenflame’ and is an automatically fed wood pellet boiler that can create efficiencies in excess of 90% as well as cutting carbon emissions.

The advantage of wood boilers is that the fuel is truly sustainable as the carbon emissions are negated by the planting of new trees which absorb carbon from the atmosphere during growth. Wood is also 50% less costly than conventional fossil fuel heating systems such as those that run on oil. That means significant savings in energy bills for the domestic householder.

The boiler comes with a digital LCD controller and a 7-step modulation feature. The unit has a 100 kg store facility which automatically feeds the boiler with fuel supplying heating and hot water to a typical home for around 7 days.

There is also built in frost protection, a self-cleaning burner and heat exchanger and a pellet sensor/warning signal which warns the user when it’s time to refuel the unit. A weatherproof casing houses a pump and pressure switch and the unit has a steel flue system complete with other flueing options available if required.

Various outputs will be available, a 15 kW unit is suitable for a 2-3 bedroom property and is already on the market. Other outputs up to 25 kW will follow in the near future. The unit is also MCS accredited which means that it is eligible for the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme which will become available for domestic householders later this year.