Investigation finds local boiler fitters cost less

31st Aug 2010

An investigation by consumer watchdog Which? has found that independent boiler fitters cost 39 per cent less on average than British Gas.

Which? conducted the undercover investigation by asking a number of installers to quote on a boiler fitting at 13 different properties.  British Gas quoted more for the job at 10 of the houses and in one case offered a quotation 75 per cent higher than the competition. But the best deal offered by British Gas saved 17 per cent over the rival firms.

However, Which? did find that with the service of British Gas there were additional extras included. Amongst these offered is a magnetic filter and in some cases a powerflush of the heating system rather than just a chemical cleanse.

And with British Gas you also benefit from a fixed price that is inclusive of VAT – two things you need to inquire about if you do opt for an independent installer. All British Gas technicians are Gas Safe Registered too, giving that extra piece of mind.

Which? also said it conducted a survey of 10,000 members of the public who had boilers installed with British Gas and found most were satisfied with the service they received. However, 70 per cent of members surveyed were very satisfied with the fitting by an independent compared to just 53 per cent who went with British Gas.

British Gas has responded to the investigation, saying 13 quotes were not representative, the company also offered an aftercare service and the “vast majority” of customers would recommend them.

Which? said: “Many customers will trust their energy supplier to give them a good price for installing their boiler. ­However, this research shows they may end up paying through the nose.”

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