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The Anglian region is notorious for flat landscapes, windswept fens and untouched marshlands. This includes the UK’s lowest point, Holme Fen, which sits 9ft below sea level! It boasts 500 miles of beautiful coastline. Over half the agricultural land is used for cereal crops and the majority of the carrots we eat are grown in the East of England.

A little history...
The name ‘Anglia’ is an evolution of the term for the Anglo-Saxon people who settled there, the Angles. They were divided into the North Folk (Norfolk) and the South Folk (Suffolk).

The area was crucial to the war effort! During World War II this area was our first line of defence against European attack (along with the South East) and was home to over 100 airfields and 50,000 US airmen.

You might not know...
The Beehive pub in Grantham (Lincolnshire) has the the world’s only ‘living’ pub sign, a beehive that’s been there since at least 1830 and is protected by the local council.

The words that later became the lullaby ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’ were written in 1806 by poet Jane Taylor who lived in Lavenham, Suffolk.

Weirdly, although the charming seaside town of Hunstanton is on the east coast, it actually faces West.

Famous Face: Oliver Cromwell, military and political leader, was born in Huntingdon in 1599.

Temperature Trivia
Annual average: 9.5 - 10.5°C
Coldest months: January and February, between 0 - 2°C (average)
Highest ever recorded: 37.3°C, Cavendish, 10th August 2003
Lowest ever recorded: -21°C, Woburn, Bedfordshire, February 1947

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fast ,efficient response to me query.dont know the quality of the tradesmen yet,awaiting appointments and quotes

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Called very quickly and provided 3 excellent quotes. All 3 companies also called quickly and after starting the process on Monday evening I had 3 excellent quotes by 4 o'clock on Tuesday.

Jim Hovell

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