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North East

In 2015, the people of The North East, Yorkshire and the Humber were declared the ‘friendliest’ and most ‘neighbourly’ in England. The countryside is varied and jampacked with unique beauty, world heritage sites and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Added into this the fact cities like Leeds and Newcastle are frequently voted the place to be for the best night out in UK, it’s easy to see why the people are in such a good mood.

A little history...
When the Vikings invaded in 793 AD from Norway, they landed on the coast of the North East and attacked the monastery at Lindisfarne. The Viking legacy is still seen today in the region’s place names, dialect and in the DNA of local people.

You may not know...
In York, it is legal to kill a Scotsman on sight if he walks into the city holding a bow and arrow.

Love it or hate it, the famous orange drink, Lucozade, started life in a small pharmacy in Newcastle, but was originally called ‘Glocosade’.

If Yorkshire had entered the 2012 Olympics as an independent state it would have finished in 12th place overall thanks to the efforts of Jessica Ennis-Hill, Nicola Adams and Ed Clancy.

Famous face: Guy Fawkes, the man we symbolically burn every November 5th, was born in York in 1570.

Temperature Trivia
Annual average: 8.5 - 10°C
Coldest months: January, between 0.5 - 2°C (average)
Highest ever recorded: 35.8°C, Bourne, Lincolnshire, 3rd August 1990
Lowest ever recorded: -21.1°C, Durham, 5th January 1941

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