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Northern Ireland

The magic and myth surrounding Northern Ireland is well known. It’s the birthplace of the wish granting, mischievous leprechauns, deathly banshees and home to the Giant’s Causeway which, legend has it, was physically carved out by a giant! Why such a fascination with magic? Maybe it’s because it’s hard to believe that such a landscape could be down to chance? Afterall, it includes 8 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, 47 national nature reserves, 43 special areas of conservation and 10 special protection areas.

A little history...
Between 1717 and 1775 around 250,000 people from Ulster emigrated to the British North American colonies. Today around 33.3 million Americans or 10.5% of the population identify as Irish American.

The infamous ship, Titanic, was built in Belfast between 1909-1911.

You may not know...
The TV series, Game of Thrones, is filmed throughout Northern Ireland including The Dark Hedges, Larrybane, Ballintoy Harbour and Downhill Strand. They now employ more local people than the civil service.

The population of Northern Ireland accounts for just 3% of the total population of the UK, and 25% of these people are under 16 years old.

Famous Face: Seamus Heaney, poet and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, was born in Castledawson in 1939.

Temperature Trivia
Annual average: 8.5 - 10°C
Coldest months: February and March, between 0.5 - 2.5°C (average)
Highest ever recorded: 30.8°C, Belfast, 12th July 1983
Lowest ever recorded: -18.7°C, County Tyrone, 24th December 2010

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The heating engineers came out quickly , one that afternoon and the other the following morning. I got very competitive quotes for the work and am using one of the firms to instal a new boiler. Today!

Helen Briggs

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Fantastic team of people . Very helpful with the questions we had . Everything was explained in details . Very happy with everything .

Parveen Baloch

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What a shame that my local plumbers were so hard to pin down and get acceptable quotes from . However it was lucky for me that boiler quotes were easily accessible. Quick and courteous with same or next day quotes. I was hard pressed to choose between the three professionals who visited me. I would, and have, recommended/praised them to my friends.


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