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On this page you will find Baxi products that have either been discontinued from Baxi themselves, or are no longer featured on BoilerGuide. Baxi stand behind all their products whether they’re discontinued or not, so chances are your product is still covered even if you find it on this page.

Baxi are continually leading the market with innovative products.

As with any technical industry, old technology must give way to new.

Therefore we have dedicated this page to all the Baxi products that for whatever reason, we no longer offer here at BoilerGuide.

If you own one of these boiler types from Baxi on this product archive page, it doesn’t mean you are out of luck – there are still many Gas Safe heating engineers that will work with these.

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Bermuda BBU HE Back Boiler Unit

The Bermuda BBU HE back boiler unit has a heat output of 15kW and it is SEDBUK Band A rated.

This product came with a two year warranty, and was quite small in size, but was highly capable of meeting all central heating and hot water needs.

This product was so reliable in fact that around 90 per cent of back boiler installations featured it.

A back boiler typically sits behind a gas or electric fire. Like other boilers it provides heating and hot water to a property.

However Baxi have now discontinued this particular boiler as Back boilers are no longer considered a good option.

There are other types of boiler you could have installed if you are currently looking to replace an old back boiler.

Check out our full guide to central heating systems here for good alternatives to the old back boiler style central heating system.

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The Baxi Bioflo

The stylish Baxi Bioflo was a new kind of biomass boiler.

The product was initially designed for properties without a connection to mains gas.

The boiler is free-standing with a clean and modern design and comes in an attractive granite look or a light pearl finish.

Its compact size meant it could be installed in the living area of homes as well as in more traditional locations, such as outhouses.

Pellets are manually fed into the Baxi Bioflo and can be stored in the 34kg capacity rear compartment. Once an even combustion is achieved, the Baxi Bioflo automatically switches to an efficient modulation mode, lowering energy consumption.

An added benefit of this product was that it would alert you when the fuel needed topping up.

This boiler offered a varying central heating output between 12kW – 3.8kW. It is also 94 per cent efficient.

This appliance came with a one year parts and labour warranty. The Baxi Bioflo was also MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) certified. This meant that homes where it was installed would qualify for the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive scheme.

However, Baxi has since discontinued the Baxi Bioflo.

Why not check out our Baxi Boiler Comparison tool to see their most recent boiler offerings.

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You can find more information on the Bermuda BBU HE Back Boiler Unit here

Baxi Solo HE A Heat Only Gas Boiler

Unlike traditional boilers, the Baxi Solo HE A could reduce your heating bills from day one thanks to its highly advanced operations.

This wall mounted boiler was fully modulating, so was highly efficient and also kind to the environment.

It came with an attractive modern design and had compact dimensions, making it a good choice at the time for properties with limited space.

This product was available in 12kW, 15kW, 18kW, 24kW and 30kW models and had an efficiency rate of 90 per cent.

This boiler came with a two year parts and labour warranty.

However, Baxi has since discontinued the Baxi Solo HE A Range.

If you currently have a Baxi Solo and it’s playing up, do reach out to one of our Gas Safe heating engineers in your area to see what your options are.

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You can find more information on the Solo HE A Heat Only Gas Boiler here

Baxi Multifit GasSaver

The Multifit GasSaver is installed between a boiler and flue.

Its purpose is to recycle the heat from the flue gases which would normally be lost.

It works by storing the condensate which is normally expelled through the boiler flue.

Heat from this condensate is then used to preheat the cold water coming into the boiler, which therefore reduces the amount of gas required by the boiler to heat the water.

The overall result is lower energy bills for the householder and greater carbon savings.

The Multifit GasSaver is compatible with a wide range of Baxi appliances.

In tests the GasSaver has been shown to reduce cold water consumption by up to seven per cent and save up to 37 per cent of the gas used to heat hot water annually.

This product is also maintenance free so it’s a pretty hands-free way to cut your energy bills, something we encourage here at BoilerGuide.

The standard model will fit the following Baxi boiler types:

  • Baxi Duo-tec Combi
  • Baxi Platinum Combi
  • Baxi Megaflo System
  • Baxi EcoBlue Advance Combi
  • Baxi EcoBlue System 32

You can find more information on the Baxi Multifit GasSaver here

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