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Ideal F9 Error Code Explained & How to Fix

Seeing the F9 error code on your Ideal Logic boiler means that there's an issue with the PCB, most likely if it has recently been replaced. Here's how Ideal define the F9 fault:

Ideal Boiler Error Code Meaning
F9 Unconfigured PCB

All modern boilers operate electronically and the printed circuit board (PCB) is the part that all of the electrical parts are communicating with as the boiler operates.

Should there be an issue with the PCB then the boiler will fail to operate and seeing the F9 code is most commonly seen after a replacement PCB has been fitted.

In this guide we're going to take you through the possible causes of an unconfigured PCB and how you can get your boiler working again. Before we begin, it's worth knowing that you shouldn't attempt to fix the F9 fault yourself, always hire a Gas Safe registered engineer.

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What is a PCB?

The PCB is essentially the 'brain' of the boiler, controlling all of the electrical parts of the unit, such as the fan, pump, temperature sensors and gas valve.

Signals travelling to and from the PCB to the electrical components as the boiler operates. Should there be an issue with one of the parts, the signals will make the PCB aware and the boiler will lock out.

The PCB is an essential part of any boiler, not only in terms of operation but for safety reasons too.

What is an unconfigured PCB?

The F9 boiler error code indicates that the PCB is unconfigured. So, what exactly does that mean?

An unconfigured PCB hasn't been synced properly so those signals that the PCB should be sending and receiving will be non-existent, preventing the boiler from operating normally.

Causes of an unconfigured PCB

An unconfigured PCB is often the result of one of the following:

  • Replacement PCB not fitted properly
  • PCB not being compatible with the boiler

Let's take a look at each of these possibilities in a bit more detail:

Replacement PCB not fitted properly

If the PCB in your boiler has recently been replaced, yet you're seeing the F9 error code, then there's a chance it wasn't fitted correctly. To get this sorted, you should hire a heating engineer to make the appropriate adjustments.

PCB isn't compatible with your boiler

This is highly unlikely, especially if you've hired a fully-qualified heating engineer to carry out a PCB replacement, which you always should.

There are many different models of PCB, each one compatible with a different boiler. So, if the wrong one has been fitted into your boiler, then neither the boiler or the PCB will work.

A professional heating engineer will be able to find out if the PCB is the right model for your boiler and replace it if necessary.

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Could the PCB be broken?

The Ideal F9 error code relates to an unconfigured PCB rather than a broken one, so you're likely to see a different fault code if that is the case. Nonetheless, it could still be a possibility.

You'll be able to tell if something isn't right with the PCB as the electrical parts will begin to play up. You might notice that the lights on the front of the boiler are flashing or flickering and the LCD display might fail to light up. Other indications that there's an issue with the PCB include:

  • Burning smell
  • Unreliable boiler operation

As an electrical part, any form of leak within the boiler could result in a broken PCB. You'll need a heating engineer to locate the leak, fix it and then replace the PCB. In addition to this, old age can catch up with the PCB leading to it not operating as well as it once might have done.

Replacement PCB costs

After the heating engineer has taken a look at the PCB, they might find that it needs replacing, which will mean buying a new one. Depending on the model of PCB needed, the price could vary from £300 – £550, before you take into account the installation costs.

A minimum investment of £300, plus installation costs, is a lot to stomach, especially when you consider that a new efficient boiler might not be too much more. So, if your boiler was installed any more than 8 years ago, you might want to consider a boiler replacement.

Fixing the Ideal F9 error

As we highlighted earlier in the article, never attempt to resolve an issue with the PCB yourself – always hire a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Not only is this vital for your own safety but there could be an issue with another area of the boiler. For example, a broken PCB would prevent the fan from operating but this might not be a PCB issue at all and, in fact, it's the fan that needs repairing or replacing.

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