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Ideal Logic L2 Error / Fault Code Explained

Ideal boilers display the L2 fault code when the unit suffers flame loss during operation, which could be caused by low gas pressure, blocked flue, faulty gas valve or an issue with the flue sensor.

As a result, your Ideal boiler will lockout for safety reasons. When a boiler goes into lockout, it won't operate again until the fault has been fixed and only a Gas Safe registered engineer should attempt to fix the L2 fault.

Here's how Ideal define the L2 fault code:

Ideal Boiler Error Code Meaning
L2 Flame loss / Ignition lockout

Simply put, something has led to the flame within the boiler going out, which could be one of a number of reasons, and the boiler won't operate again until the fault has been fixed.

NEVER attempt to fix the L2 error message yourself as the boiler casing has to be removed – you should always hire a Gas Safe engineer.

Ideal Logic L2 fault code causes

There are many potential causes of the L2 fault code, some of which include:

Low gas pressure

Low gas pressure is the most likely cause of flame loss if your gas meter is outside your home because they can be susceptible to freezing during the winter months. A heating engineer will be able to determine whether the gas meter is the cause and to prevent it from freezing over again they will add lagging.

Blocked flue

The flue is important as it sends harmful gases, created when the boiler is in operation, out of the property so if it gets blocked then the boiler will lockout.

A flue is most likely to get blocked if it leaves your property vertically out of the roof as things can fall into them, such as leaves, leading to a blocked flue. Ideally, the flue should have a protective flue guard to prevent this from happening, however, if there isn't one the heating engineer you hire to fix the L2 fault should fit one after the blockage has been removed.

Faulty gas valve

The gas valve supplies gas to the boiler when the central heating system is turned on. Depending on the demand for heating at the time, the gas valve will supply just the right amount of gas but if the gas valve becomes faulty or stuck it might supply to little or too much gas.

In the case that the gas valve is stuck then a heating engineer will simply be able to readjust it so that the correct level of gas will be supplied at all times. A gas valve that can't be readjusted will need to be replaced by the engineer and could cost around £300.

Fault with the ignition lead

The ignition lead is needed to ignite the flame in the boiler when you turn the central heating or hot water on so if it's faulty, the boiler will lockout.

A leak or a loose connection are a couple of reasons why the ignition lead might stop working. Either way a heating engineer will be able to replace the part if a faulty ignition lead has caused the L2 fault code to appear.

If a leak has caused the ignition lead to break then it's the leak itself that needs to be dealt with as a matter of urgency, before damage spreads to other parts of the boiler. You should hire a Gas Safe engineer to repair the L2 fault code anyway but if there's even the slightest indication of a leak, it's very important to contact a professional before it leads to more damage.

Gas leak

In some rare cases, flame loss and ignition lockout can be caused by a gas leak so if you smell gas, switch off the boiler and the gas supply before leaving your home. You should then seek to get in touch with a Gas Safe engineer as quickly as possible.

Will I need to replace my Ideal Logic boiler?

It's very unlikely that seeing the L2 error code will result in you having to replace the boiler as a Gas Safe engineer will be able to diagnose and repair most potential causes.

Remember that only a fully-qualified Gas Safe engineer should fix an Ideal boiler displaying the L2 fault code, don't attempt to do it yourself.

To get your Ideal Logic working safely, quickly and for the best possible price, get free quotes from qualified heating engineers in your area today using Boiler Guide. Complete our simple online form, providing the details, and we'll match you with up to 3 local heating engineers who will be in touch to provide a free repair quote. You can then compare those quotes and pick the one that's best for you.

More Ideal boiler fault codes

A couple of the most common fault codes on Ideal boilers, along with L2, are F1 and F2, you can find out what they mean in the table below:

Ideal Error Code Meaning
F1 Low water pressure
F2 Flame loss

You'll notice that the F2 error code, like L2, also signals flame loss but they should be treated separately as the cause could be different. Find out the cause and how to fix it by reading our guide to the Ideal boiler F2 error code.

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