Ravenheat Boiler Error Codes

Ravenheat Boiler Error Codes

Ravenheat Error Codes

The Ravenheat range of powerful boilers are normally extremely reliable.

Occasionally some things can go wrong, that’s why we’ve created our handy at-a-glance table of Ravenheat error codes below.

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Ravenheat Boiler Error Codes

Fault Code System Behaviour
F73 Heating circuit pressure sensor fault
F74 Heating circuit pressure sensor fault
F76 Thermal fuse fault
F77 Fault in gas valve motor.
F83 No water in the installation : the temperatureF does not increase when the burner is lit
F84 Permanent temperature difference betweenF flow and return heating sensors
F85 Flow and return heating sensors fault
F86 Underfloor heating contact fault
ERR User interface fault
04 DHW sensor faulty

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Ravenheat CSI 120 Boiler Error Codes

Fault Code System Behaviour
17 Possible issue with fan voltage
01 Boiler failed to ignite. Possible problem with gas valve operation / fan could not be starting / ignition control board and cables

Failed low water. Pressure switch or pump, possible issue with pump / system pressure or low water switch pressure needs replacing
12 Failed heating sensor. Possible issues with heating sensor – it may need replacing
04 Failed overheat – the overheat thermostat needs checking
30 Failed flue temperature – check operating system
31 Failed flue temperature – the flue sensor needs checking or replacing
02 Failed temperature – try resetting boiler

Ravenheat CS 80/90, WH System, WH 80/90 Boiler Error Codes

Fault Code System Behaviour
E02 Problem with the pump circulation
E03 Flow sensor damaged
E04 D.H.W sensor damaged
E05 Problem with fan – possibly no signal
E06 C.H Sensor is overheating

Low water pressure system
E09 Overheat Sensor overheating
E10 High water pressure error
E13 Software error
E21 C.H return sensor overheating
E22 Flue sensor overheating
E23 Flue sensor damaged
E24 C.H return sensor error – possibly damaged
E25 Main heat exchanger frozen
E29 D.H/W sensor overheating error
E31 OT communication error
E41 Different temperature flow/ret.
E42 Different temperature error
E43 Different temperature error
E44 Different temperature error
E46 Water pressure sensor error – could be open or short

Ravenheat HE 80/90 HE 25-30s, HE 80-98s, HE 8-98s or HE 25-30s compact

Different temperature error

Fault Code System Behaviour
02E Problem with the pump circulation
03E Flow sensor damaged
04E D.H.W sensor damaged
05E Problem with fan, possibly no signal
06E C.H Sensor is overheating
08E Low water pressure system
09E Overheat Sensor overheating
10E High water pressure error
13E Software error
21E C.H return sensor overheating
22E Flue sensor overheating
23E Flue sensor damaged
24E C.H return sensor error, possibly damaged
25E Main heat exchanger frozen
29E D.H/W sensor overheating error
31E OT communication error
41E Different temperature flow/ret.
42E Different temperature error
44E Different temperature error
46E Water pressure sensor error, could be open or short

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