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Worcester Boiler Flashing Blue Light: How to Fix

Worcester Boiler Flashing Blue Light

A blue light will flash on all Worcester Bosch boilers when there's a fault with the unit. Normally this will be accompanied by a fault code that gives a clearer indication of the problem causing the fault.

Flashing blue light causes

The error code that accompanies the blue flashing light will give you the clearest indication of the fault your Worcester Bosch boiler is experiencing. Below are 5 possible reasons why the blue light on your Worcester boiler has begun to flash:

Issue with the gas supply (error code EA)

The Worcester Bosch Ri range of boilers will display a flashing blue light when there's no gas being supplied to the unit. To determine whether there's a fault with the boiler or the gas supply, check if other gas appliances around your home, such as the stove, are working. If they are still working, then you know that the gas supply to your house is fine so there must be an issue with the boiler.

Don't attempt to fix a gas boiler yourself, a Gas Safe engineer is the only person qualified to work on gas boilers and you should seek to hire one straight away.

Low boiler pressure (error code CE 207)

As time goes by, boilers gradually lose pressure, which needs to be at the right level otherwise the central heating won't be able to work properly.

In addition to the CE 207 fault code on Worcester Bosch boilers, you can tell if the unit has low pressure by looking at the pressure gauge. Ideally, the pressure should be around 1.5 so if it's dropped below 1 then the boiler pressure needs to be increased.

Flue blockages (error code EA)

Another common cause of a blue light flashing is a blockage in the flue. Check the flue for blockages, but also for damage. A gas engineer will be able to replace a flue (where necessarily) cheaply.

The boiler flue is the exit for all waste gases that are produced by the boiler as it operates. Flues, especially vertical flues, can be susceptible to getting blocked up by things falling into them. To prevent this, an engineer should install a flue guard, which will prevent any debris from falling into it.

If your boiler flue doesn't have a flue guard then a blocked flue could prevent the boiler from igniting. You'll need to hire a Gas Safe engineer to unblock the flue and get them to fit a flue guard to prevent it from happening again.

Condensate blocked (error vodes EA or D5)

All condensing boilers, and if your boiler was installed after 2005 it's probably condensing, have a condensate pipe that sends waste water outside and down a drain.

During the cold winter months, condensate pipes are susceptible to freezing, which can lead to a blockage. It's possible to thaw a frozen condensate pipe yourself by pouring hot water over the frozen blockage but if you'd feel more comfortable with a professional dealing with it, don't hesitate to contact one.

Condensate pipes can block up in any weather, not just cold temperatures, so it could still be the cause even if you haven't experienced freezing temperatures recently.

Service mode

If you have a Worcester Greenstar Ri boiler and the blue light is pulsing rather than flashing then the boiler is in service mode. There are 2 possible reasons why this could be the case: your Worcester Ri boiler has recently been serviced and left in service mode or the switch has been knocked (it's not uncommon to do this accidentally).

How to fix the flashing blue light

If you're seeing the EA error code alongside the blue flashing light on your Worcester boiler, you will need a Gas Safe engineer to determine the fault as there are several possible causes.

The quickest and safest way to fix a Worcester Bosch boiler is by hiring a Gas Safe engineer, you can find the best local heating engineers in our directory.

Worcester boiler EA error code

It's common to see the EA error code Worcester boilers when the blue light is flashing and means that the flame, required to heat the water for central heating and domestic hot water has gone undetected:

Worcester Boiler Fault Code Meaning
EA Flame not detected

So, we know that the Worcester Bosch EA fault means that the flame hasn't been detected but this can happen for one of several reasons:

  • No gas supply to the boiler
  • Gas pressure too low
  • Blocked flue
  • Blockage in the condensate pipe
  • Faulty ignition electrode or lead
  • Issue with the flame sensor

As there are many potential causes of the EA error code and it's linked to the gas supply, you should contact a Gas Safe engineer right away to diagnose and repair the fault.

How to reset a Worcester boiler

Being able to reset your Worcester boiler could potentially get your boiler working again and save you from having to hire a Gas Safe engineer. However, if you're seeing the EA error code, do not reset your boiler until it has been checked by a Gas Safe engineer.

To reset a Worcester boiler, simply press and hold the 'reset' button for 3 seconds. Depending on the model of Worcester boiler, instead of a button there might be a reset light found at the end of the temperature dial. Resetting a Worcester Bosch boiler in this case means turning the dial down until it reaches the reset light, holding it there for 3 seconds – make sure to turn it back afterwards.

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