New Biasi Advance Plus boilers launched

7th Sep 2012

TradePlumbing, based in Colchester, Essex, is promoting the new Biasi Advance Plus boiler range. These are new high efficiency condensing and combi boilers which TradePlumbing regards as the latest in intelligent gas boiler technology.

The Advance Plus range has received an A rating on the Sedbuk database which is an efficiency rating scheme governing all boilers in the UK. The boilers also feature quadcore processor technology which prevents the boiler from shutting down completely in the event of a fault.

TradePlumbing says that the AdvancePlus condensing boiler captures more heat from burned gas than a standard boiler before it is ejected through the flue. Much of the temperature of the flue gas is also used to heat water and is much lower than in a standard boiler.

“The Advance Plus combi boiler is a very efficient and an environment-friendly solution” said Peter Clayton from TradePlumbing. “You can save money on the gas bill, by combining the Advance Plus boiler with a solar hot water system. The hot water cylinder allows the water to be heated using the available solar energy. If there is insufficient solar energy, the Biasi Advance Plus combi boiler will be used to heat the water”

The Advance Plus boilers are extremely compact making them suitable for installation in cupboards and the condensing boiler in the range is recommended by the Energy Saving Trust. Depending on where you go and which boiler in the range you choose, you can pick one up for between £400 to £600.