Northern Ireland to get boiler scrappage scheme

21st Mar 2011

A new set of proposals have been launched to help tackle fuel poverty in Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland’s Minister for social development, Alex Attwood is working on a new boiler replacement scheme, together with the Warmer Healthier Homes initiative. The scheme will form part of the Fuel Poverty Strategy for Northern Ireland. The pilot strategy is worth £127 million and will operate over the next four years.

According to the Minister, almost half of the population in Northern Ireland live in fuel poverty.

In order the address this situation, the initiative will see a total of 1300 homes getting a  boiler replacement. Eligible applicants must be over 60-years-old, with boilers 15-years-old or more, and in receipt of a state pension.

Commenting on the Fuel Poverty Strategy, Minister Attwood said: “Now, more than ever, government needs to exhaust every possibility in an effort to help people in need.

“More than 44 per cent of people in Northern Ireland live in fuel poverty, a figure more likely to rise than fall as time goes on. People cannot afford to heat their homes adequately. People need help. This is a serious situation and one which requires a combined effort to combat.”