Npower study suggests a quarter of UK boilers are at risk of breaking

17th Jan 2011

Research by npower reveals that as many as six million boilers across Britain could be at least a decade old.

The study by npower hometeam 50, suggests that 23 per cent of UK boilers are at least 10-years-old. This means that around six million boilers across the nation could be nearing the end of their life. The average lifespan of a boiler is 10-15 years. It is recommended to replace any over 15-years-old.

Npower also revealed that half of all British boilers are expected to be more than five-years-old, making them more susceptible to working inefficiently and breakdowns.

Scotland was shown to have the youngest boilers, with just one in five over 10-years-old, whilst Wales and the East Midlands had the most ageing boilers, with 26 per cent owning their boiler for over a decade.

Last year’s government boiler scrappage scheme saw thousands of homeowners replace their old systems with new A-rated, energy efficient ones in a bid to boost central heating efficiency and lower repairs.

New A-rated boilers are over 90 per cent efficient but older boilers might be less than 60 per cent efficient meaning that for every £1 spent on gas heating 40p is wasted.