Parents compensated for boiler breakdowns and bad weather shuttings schools

21st Feb 2011

Parents in Leicester whose children attend certain local schools are to receive compensation if winter temperatures or boiler failure result in temporary closures.

The measures are to be part of an insurance policy by the Hinkley firm TF Bell Group. The company’s newly launched policy is the first of its kind to compensate parents when their child’s school is closed because of bad weather and boiler failure.

During December’s severe cold snap the area of Leicestershire joined a host of counties across the country which suffered school closures.  The TF Bell Group say their policy was created in response to this.

As part of the policy cover, a child will have £30 per year against closures of more than one day because of bad weather or boiler breakdowns.

A pay out of £100 a day will be offered for up to five days after the first day to help protect parents against loss of earnings and extra childcare costs.