Pensioner suffers 11 month wait for boiler

21st Dec 2010

An 82-year-old woman was left without central heating for almost a year after workers failed to carry out the necessary repairs.

Mildred Whittaker was left in the cold for 11 months after her boiler broke down in December 2009. She reported the fault to Warm Front, who was responsible for the boiler’s maintenance, but was told she would have to wait for a new boiler.

The purpose of Warm Front is to improve energy efficiency in vulnerable households.

But Mrs Whittaker, from Atherton, was without hot water or heating and left to rely on a small electric fire in her front room and visits to her son’s home to keep warm.

A new heating system was installed on November 15, this year.

Warm Front issued an apology to the elderly woman last week and admitted the service was unacceptable.

Earlier this month Norwich City Council apologised to mother after she and her young family was left for days without central heating during the cold snap. The article can be seen here on Boiler Guide.

Similar stories of pensioners without heating surfaced in the news last week. One concerned a woman in Sussex and another in Birmingham.