Say goodbye to frozen condensate pipes with CondenseSure

24th Sep 2012

Over the last couple of years the UK has had to endure some truly ghastly winters. With autumn well and truly upon us, it means we’re inching steadily closer to a freezing winter and unfortunately ‘that’ time of the year can spell trouble for condensate pipes.

To tackle the problem of external condensate pipes freezing during the harsh winter months, Worcester Bosch has launched a brand new product for condensing boilers.

CondenseSure has undergone extensive laboratory testing before being unleashed onto the market, and the leading boiler manufacture has delivered a device that can be fitted during a new boiler installation or during a retrofit. The device is compatible with Worcester Bosch boilers including their popular energy efficient Greenstar range of gas fired boilers, as well as most other condensing boilers on the market.

It features a syphonic trap and insulation which connects to the boiler’s condensate outlet pipe, which is then attached to the heating flow pipe. Even when subjected to the harshest conditions (-15°C) over a 48 hour period, tests proved that an uninsulated 32mm condensate discharge pipe wouldn’t freeze.

A growing number of anti-freeze type products have been unleashed on to the market since winter 2010, which prevent condensate pipes from becoming clogged up in cold weather conditions. Worcester Bosch says it was inspired to develop the device after the UK endured its coldest ever winter on record.

“After the UK experienced the coldest winter on record for 100 years at the end of 2010, a plethora of anti-freeze type gadgets were introduced to prevent external condensate pipes becoming clogged in cold spells. These included a variety of fans and electrical-based products, which prompted Worcester to introduce our own energy-free device that is not only compatible with our award-winning Greenstar range of gas-fired boilers, but also with any other condensing boiler on the market,” said Martyn Bridges, director of marketing and technical support.