Smart heating controls

As we become increasingly energy conscious more and more people are learning how to embrace energy efficiency to cut their energy bills. With innovative smart heating energy consumers get to take charge of their heating and hot water and reduce their energy consumption without compromising on comfort. 

Intelligent and affordable home energy management systems are helping to revolutionise the heating and hot water market. The in thing in home heating and a smarter way to save money, smart heating controls are a practical means of addressing the issue of high energy consumption and rising energy costs.

So if you’re actively seeking out practical ways to make savings on your energy bills, as long as your home has a broadband connection, smart heating controls will work with you and your boiler to manage the energy you use in your home.

What’s so smart about smart heating?

With rising energy prices people want smart and simple ways to control the amount of energy they use. Simple to use yet sophisticated, smart heating controls such as PassivSystems are the answer to rising energy costs. Thanks to their innovative heating management system you’ll be able to take complete control of your home’s heating and hot water usage and reduce your energy consumption by on average 23%, enabling you to make significant hot water savings and save on your heating bills too. But here’s the best bit; you won’t have to compromise on comfort. By embracing smart heating controls you’ll be able to match your heating to your lifestyle and run your home at a reduced average temperature and remain comfortable when you’re in and not waste energy when you’re out or asleep. Which sounds like a win win situation all round.

With smart heating controls you’ll be able to:

  • Lower your annual gas or oil bills by on average 23%*
  • Reduce the amount of energy you’re consuming
  • Take complete charge of the heating and hot water in your home
  • Control your heating away from home with a smart phone App
  • Boost hot water at the touch of a button
  • Check what hot water is available with the In-home Display

Smart heating controls & energy saving boilers 

We take heating and hot water for granted. At least until it comes time to pay for it. The fact is most people probably don’t realise that around 60% of our annual energy bills are down to our boilers. Which means the key to lowering heating and hot water bills is lower energy consumption.

The most practical way to save money in your home is to make sure it’s kitted out with an energy saving boiler. If your boiler is past its prime (anything older than 15 years won’t be so energy efficient) the chances are fairly high that it’ll be under performing. Teaming up an A-rated efficient boiler with smart heating controls will help to drive down your energy costs by lowering the amount of energy you consume. Smart heating controls can also be retrofitted to your existing boiler.

Convenient. Comfortable. Cost effective. 

It’s all about control, comfort and cost savings. Replacing your boiler controls and water heating controls will improve your comfort and cost savings. If we can take charge of our energy habits then we can have a greater say over the amount we’re paying for the heating and hot water we produce in our homes. So even though we can’t prevent energy providers from hiking up their fuel prices, we can at least play a part in how much energy we’re using to cut down our energy bills.

The beauty of smart heating controls is that they allow us to reduce our energy bills by lowering energy consumption without having to compromise on comfort. You can even control your heating and hot water from the comfort of your sofa or if you’re away from home. Thanks to a handy smart phone App you’ll have the option to manage your heating remotely.

So if you’re looking for a smart but simple way to save money on your hot water and heating bills think PassivSystems and smart heating controls. There’s no messy installation, it’s all completely wireless and hassle free and will help you reduce your heating bills by nearly a third.

*A year long trial by PassivSystems shows cost-conscious customers reduced fuel consumption by an average 23%.