Staffordshire County Council appoints Ford Mainwaring as boiler contractor

24th Sep 2012

The local authority has sub-contracted the commercial plumbing installer Ford Mainwaring, based in Stoke, as the council’s main boiler maintenance contractor for a four year term in a contract valued at over £700,000. The company will henceforth be responsible for the service and maintenance of all heating and hot water boilers owned by the council.

Staffordshire is one of the most geographically challenging counties in the UK and the council required a highly responsive heating and plumbing contractor. Ford Mainwaring is a company that has worked with Staffordshire County Council before, including on projects concerning equipment distribution and system maintenance.

“When we award a contract, cost is a critical factor, however, equally as important is the capability of a company to respond to emergency situations” said County Councillor Ian Parry, the county’s Cabinet Member for Finance and Transformation. “Having worked with them previously, we know they can deliver a high quality service and the rigorous selection process our suppliers go through ensures we get the best service and at the best value for money for our residents.”

The council is responsible for a wide variety of buildings and properties including schools, domestic dwellings, care homes and police stations. The company uses an on-board vehicle tracking system in order to direct the closest engineer possible to the scene of an emergency call-out. This helps to reduce response times as well as minimising carbon emissions.