ImpraGas: Expanding Nationwide with Our Boiler Sales Leads – Customer Case Study

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“If you’re looking for consistent, cost effective, reliable leads you would be foolish not to have Boiler Guide as an important member of your lead generation tool box.” Emily Martin, ImpraGas.

As the fastest growing boiler installation business nationwide, ImpraGas have quickly become a national company, picking up several awards along the way.

Having access to a consistent supply of quality gas boiler leads through Boiler Guide has played a “substantial role” in their expansion and they continue to buy our leads today.

We spoke to Emily Martin, Senior Marketing and Communications Manager at ImpraGas, to hear more about the experiences they’ve had with Boiler Guide boiler sales leads.

Introducing ImpraGas

Founded in 2012 by Joseph Valente, winner of the BBC’s The Apprentice in 2015, ImpraGas have quickly grown into an award-winning national business. To put the size of the company into context, they currently hire 70 members of staff and have signed up 50 heating engineers to their Installer Elite network.

ImpraGas are now proud to say that they’re installing one of their energy efficient boilers into the heart of a UK home every hour.

ImpraGas are an award winning gas boiler installation company founded by Joseph Valente, winner of The Apprentice in 2015.

There’s no sign of things slowing down for ImpraGas either as they continue to expand and to help them achieve further success, Boiler Guide remain by their side.

“Boiler Guide have been able to provide the same consistency of good quality leads enabling us to expand and maintain great customer service.”

Why Boiler Guide?

With rapid growth came the need for consistent, reliable and postcode-targeted boiler installation leads. After hearing good things about the quality of Boiler Guide leads ImpraGas decided to sign-up.

Only interested in great quality, qualified leads that convert, ImpraGas purchased their first lead in April 2016 and have never looked back.

So what is it that separates Boiler Guide from other lead generators? ImpraGas put it down to:

  • Consistent flow of quality leads
  • Competitive cost per leads
  • Simple payment method
  • Ability to manually purchase leads
  • Account managers who always pick up the phone
  • A fair returns process

By providing ImpraGas with a consistent supply of quality gas boiler leads for a number of years, they’ve been able to focus on expanding and delivering great customer service.

It’s not only about providing quality leads on a regular basis either, as ImpraGas have found, with the daily data we make available, they have a greater understanding of their leads to schedule ratio. Plus, if they’ve ever needed to contact us, our Account Management Team have always been on hand to help.

“Boiler Guide leads provide a consistency and quality that enables us to embed and expand nationwide.”

Expand Your Business With Boiler Guide

With our pay-as-you-go service, you’re free to buy our verified and/or telephone qualified leads as and when you want them:

  • Free to sign-up
  • Zero hidden fees
  • No-obligation to buy leads

We’re generating leads across the UK and by creating a free account you can take a look at the leads available in your area right away. Plus, our dedicated Account Management Team will make sure you’re in safe hands whenever you need anything.

From finding to buying gas boiler leads across the UK, our platform has made the whole process simple for ImpraGas, now it’s time to grow your business too.

Thank you to Emily Martin at ImpraGas for contributing to this article.

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