Worcester shares advice on how to prevent boiler problems

13th Dec 2010

Worcester is helping homeowners to look after their boilers during the extreme weather conditions.

Increasing numbers of householders are currently sharing the same problem with their condensing boilers, where the condensate drainage pipes have frozen, causing the boiler to temporarily shut down.

In the vast majority of cases, this occurs when part of the condensate drainage pipe is located externally.

To help minimise the risk of freezing during cold spells, Worcester, Bosch Group, is sharing the following advice if you have identified a frozen condense pipe.

Tip one

Locate the frozen areas and thaw the pipe work. This can be done by using a warm pack often used for sore joints, a hot water bottle or you may want to consider pouring warm water over the affected areas if on ground level. Care should be taken to ensure any excess water on the ground will not create a slip hazard. Note that boiling water should not be used.

Tip two

When the condense pipe work has been fully thawed and drained the boiler can be re-started.

Tip three

Once the heating and/or hot water has been restored, you need to identify what measures can be taken to prevent the pipe from freezing again.

To view installation tips for condense pipe works and further advice by Worcester, click here to visit their website.