Central Heating Cost – How Much for a New Central Heating System Installed?

By Rebecca Fox on February 28, 2015

Central heating system costCentral heating is often a must have in the UK, keeping our homes warm and cosy in the dark and chilly winter months. Despite this, many homes across Britain rely on gas fires or electric heaters Рoften because of the cost of installing a new central heating system in the home.

Central heating can be expensive, and often the cost of installation and parts vary wildly depending on where you research which is why you should always request quotes from more than just one company.

Factoring the pipes, the boiler, worker labour, call out fees, tanks, radiators, and any other hidden surprises that may crop up often leads to a frightening total. In this short guide we took a look at what you would need to factor in, to help you estimate the cost of installing central heating in your home.

Cost for central heating system parts

Depending on how you acquire the parts for your central heating, the costs will vary. Often your central heating installer will provide the parts for you, using his or her trusted sources, and charge you accordingly (though sometimes with a little extra on the top).

This is the most convenient way to acquire the parts, and ensures that you get exactly what you need, but is not the cheapest method. Always get a quote for the cost of parts from your fitter, and if you feel you can get a better deal acquiring them yourself from an independent parts dealer or online then ask for a list of all the items the fitter requires, going into as much details as possible.

To work out the cost you would need to consider parts such as the water tank and its fixtures and fittings, the pipes, the radiators and add a little more on top for any miscellaneous parts. You would the need to add the costs of the labour required to fit these. If asked, most fitters and fitting companies will do a detailed breakdown of their quotes for parts, rather than confronting you with the one large number – this should be more helpful when you are collecting quotes from many fitters to see who is offering the best deal in what area.

Boiler Costs

There are many companies that will send around a qualified engineer to your home to assess the size and type of boiler you need, depending on how big your home is, your budget, and the amount of hot water you will need on a day to day basis.

There is a wide variety of boilers on the market today, so it is difficult to give even a rough quote of a boiler cost on average. To keep your boiler costs at a minimum, always get as many quotes as possible, and don’t be lured into buying an oversized boiler that runs surplus to your requirements.

Plumber and Fitting Costs

If you are buying your system through a large company, they will often quote based upon the whole job done with the fitting and labour costs included. Smaller companies and independent plumbers will often charge by the hour. An average hourly rate for plumbers is around £20-£40 an hour according to What Price, often on top of a call out charge.

Always make sure your plumber is Gas Safe registered if working with a gas central heating boiler, as well as experienced and reliable.

Cost in Conclusion

The overall cost of installing a central heating system will vary depending on the size of your house and your needs. In general, the large central heating companies will be marginally more expensive than independent plumbers, especially if you hire a reliable local plumber and acquire the parts yourself.

Nevertheless, the piece of mind from having all the fitting carried out by a well-known brand can be a great comfort to many, and reduces the worry of if things do not go as planned. To get the best deal for your central heating, always get as many quotes as possible from as many reliable sources, and decide your yourself what is best for you.

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