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By Rob Hull on July 23, 2010

Please note: Baxi has now discontinued the Bermuda BBU HE back boiler unit. Back boilers are no longer considered a good option – however there are other types of boiler you could have installed when replacing an old back boiler. Our guide to types of central heating boiler can help you to decide on the best system for your needs.

A back boiler is a type of boiler that fits in the recess behind a fireplace in the home. In doing so, a back boiler can heat and supply hot water and central heating through the home without the need of wall-hung boiler taking up valuable space.

Back boilers were (and to some extent still are) known to be the most compact of boilers available – they were cheaper to buy and install originally, and offered better value for money compared to a separate fire and boiler.

Replacing an Original Back Boiler with a High Efficiency Unit

The Bermuda back boiler unit is the only direct and condensing new back boiler replacement on the market to date, meaning it’s revolutionised the replacement of old back boilers and ended the requirement to relocate a boiler at the cost of hundreds of pounds to modify pipework. And, according to the Energy Saving Trust, it will reduce annual bills by £235 if you switch to the Band A appliance.

The original Baxi back boiler was launched some 30 years ago in 1966 and it accounted for 80 per cent of all back boilers installed in the UK. And this latest generation is the first highly efficient replacement to be developed. It has a fully-sealed one-piece flue meaning it’s easy to install as there are no joint to check within the chimney, and it’s also quiet when operating thanks to an anti-vibration fan and easy to operate with easy access to the boiler controls.

Baxi has also teamed up with Valor fires, a Baxi Group owned firm, to offer a number of Valor Dimension electric ‘real flame effect’ back boiler fireplaces to be fitted along with the Bermuda BBU HE.

The judging panel at the Gas Industry Awards said the Baxi Bermuda BBU HE will “help reduce fuel bills and carbon emissions in over two million households which still rely on a back boiler to provide heating and hot water”.

CEO of the Baxi Group, Mark Kelly, said: “This is a tremendous achievement for everybody involved in the company and recognition for a unique product which offers a viable, low-cost, carbon-cutting solution to upgrading old BBUs. The Baxi Bermuda BBU HE will ensure that the Baxi name remains synonymous with back boiler expertise”.

"I found your help in sourcing a new boiler excellent. I was contacted immediately by two of the contacts suggested by you and was able to arrange to have the new boiler fitted at a very fair price within three days of contacting you. Thank you for helping me to resolve a very pressing problem so efficiently".
J Drew, Hants
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Save up to £300 per year!

Save up to £235 per year with a new condensing boilerDid you know new style condensing boilers recycle heat that would have otherwise been lost? this could save you up to £300 per year!

This not only helps you reduce your bills but also the environment by lowering your Co2 emissions. You can request quotes for a new high efficiency boiler here.



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