You Know You’re a Small Business Owner When…

Being a small business owner takes dedication, passion and a lot of your time but it’s all worth it to see something you started from nothing grow into a successful business.
Running a small business is more than a job, it becomes your way of life and every small business owner will be able to relate to these 7 things.

  • Everywhere is an office

You take every opportunity you get to work. Whether that’s in the office, parked up in the car or even in bed. Everywhere is an office.

  • You’re always working

It’s not that you can’t switch off, you simply don’t want to. In your eyes, every moment not spent fully-invested in your business is a moment wasted. And if you wake up in the early hours of the morning with an idea, of course you’re going to write it down. Who needs sleep anyway?

  • Your company’s logo is never out of sight

Your company logo seems to follow you around like a shadow. From the branded coffee mug to the car window sticker to the branded mouse mat (who thought that was a good idea in this day and age?), you’re always on brand.

  • What’s a holiday?

Taking even a single day out to relax doesn’t cross your mind, let alone ever happen. There’s way too much to be getting on with. Even if you were to spend a couple of weeks on a sunbed by a pool somewhere in the Mediterranean, your phone and laptop wouldn’t be far away. Remember, it’s important to recharge the batteries every now and then so don’t forget to take some time out. You never know, turning your attention to something else for a little while might give you a new perspective. Your friends and family might appreciate it too.

  • You’re well known in the local area

All the marketing and promotion of your business has seen you become something of a local celebrity. Everyone within a 5 mile radius must have your business card by now. Whatever your line of work, you’re the port of call for everyone in your local area.

  • Your wallet is bursting with business cards

Despite handing out plenty of business cards, you still have more than you could possibly know what to do with. Your wallet is bursting at the seams with business cards waiting to find a home, while the tower of spares on the corner of your desk could topple at any second.

  • You’re always looking to grow your business

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