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We’re a technology led company and everything we do is designed to make it quicker, easier and simpler for you to find the customers you want. Our in-house team work tirelessly to innovate, develop and streamline every aspect of our service and have done so for over 15 years.

Put simply, when it comes to finding new customers, we know what works and what doesn’t, and our Installer Dashboard is the result. Here’s how our technology will work for your business…

Email / Text Alerts

Tell us what type of work you’re looking for and in what area(s) and we’ll send you SMS texts and / or email alerts when a new lead comes in which matches your preferences.

How does that help you?

You can save time searching for leads, safe in the knowledge that we’ll let you know as soon as the right lead is available.


If you enable AutoAccept our system will recognise when a new lead matches your preferences and automatically buy it for you.

How does that help you?

Get access to the customer details instantly, get in quickly and stand a high chance of winning the work.

Lead Volume Controls

Set a limit on the amount of leads you’re happy to purchase each day.

How does that help you?

We put you in control of your account settings, lead quantity and cost. We don’t tie you in with contracts or make you buy more leads than you want to.

Quick & Easy ‘Buy Now’

Simply click ‘Buy Now’ when you see a lead you want.

How does that help you?

When you click ‘Buy Now’ you’ll instantly receive full details of the lead so you can contact the customer ASAP, increasing your chances of winning that customer.

Editable Company Profile

We give every business we work with a free Company Profile on our high traffic websites which you can edit directly from the dashboard. Use this to really show off your business.

How does that help you?

Promote your business to the 1,000s of people visiting our websites each month, show off your reviews and photos of your best work. Our websites are highly ranked and trusted by Google, so your listing will appear prominently in search results.

Customer Feedback & Reviews System

We will send an email to your customer once the job has been completed inviting them to rate your service and provide feedback. Reviews are displayed on your Company Profile alongside an average rating.

How does that help you?

Gathering positive reviews will help you to build your reputation and, as they will be displayed on your Company Profile, make it more likely that your quotes will be chosen in the future.

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Here's what some of our valuable clients in the heating industry think of the Boiler Guide service:

Why Boiler Guide?

Qualified Customers

We speak to all of our customers before you do to make sure that they are ready to talk to you.

You Set the Pace

From 1 lead to 100s a day. You set the pace, we’ll provide you with the potential customers.

No Hidden Fees

Our pay-as-you-go leads are fairly priced and with no subscription, contract or obligation.

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