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Excellent 4.6 out of 5

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What Size Boiler Do I Need?

While it’s difficult to define a boiler sizing rule of thumb, it is possible to work out approximately what size boiler you need based on some basic information. Here’s how to find the right size boiler for your home… The size of the boiler you require is also known as the output. It’s measured in […]

Emergency & Fixed Cost Boiler Repairs

All work and parts are guaranteed for 12 months GET A QUOTE NOW Trustpilot Whether it’s because you’re suddenly faced with the unexpected cost of hiring an engineer or because it’s an emergency boiler repair, it can be a very stressful time. We’ve outlined the main options available to homeowners dealing with a broken boiler […]

How Much Does it Cost to Install Central Heating?

Renovating, upgrading or installing a central heating system from scratch? This guide will help you get the right system installed and find out how much it’s likely to cost you. Get FREE Central Heating Quotes Get Quotes 1. Tell us about your job 2. Get quotes to compare 3. Choose the best Get Quotes   […]

New Oil Boiler Replacement – Installation Costs

As your oil boiler ages it becomes less efficient at heating your home, more expensive to run, more likely to break down and, in some cases, unsafe. Replacing it with a new oil boiler is the best solution to all these concerns. Modern A-rated condensing boilers are significantly more energy efficient than their ancestors with […]

New Boiler Replacement & Installation Costs

The process of buying a new boiler replacement can be daunting at first. What type of boiler do you need? Which is the best brand? How much does a new boiler cost? Luckily, new boiler replacement is our favourite subject here at Boiler Guide! Here we take you through the big decisions you need to […]

How to Get The Best Deal on Your New Boiler

Are you looking for new boiler deals? Here are 10 tips to help you get the best deal possible on your new boiler. There are many ways that you can save money when buying a new boiler from making sure you get the right sized boiler for your home to simply finding the right installer. […]