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Are you looking for local heating engineers and
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When replacing your boiler or having it serviced, you should always use a Gas Safe registered heating engineer. This will ensure that your boiler is safe to use, and has been checked or installed by someone with the required qualifications and accreditation. Making your home safer and providing you with peace of mind.

Find central heating installers and engineers in your area

At Boiler Guide we have access to over 5000 central heating engineers throughout the UK. All you have to do, to find a gas boiler installer near you, is select your region from the list below.

Are you looking for local boiler engineers and installers near you?

Local boiler engineers that work for themselves will often provide better rates than larger heating companies, and can usually provide a bit more of a personal touch when it comes to customer service. The only downside is that they’re not always easy to find.

Find accredited gas boiler installers and engineers in your area

We can help you find boiler installers near you, and take the hassle out of having to search for them yourself. Simply, enter your postcode below to get started, and we’ll get you Free quotes from up to 3 heating engineers in your area.

Benefits of using local heating and boiler installers

There are several benefits to using a local heating engineer to install your boiler, rather than national heating companies.

  • Flexible installation dates and times to suit your needs
  • Personal contact with the installer from start to finish (no call centres)
  • Better prices than from a national heating company (up to 39% lower)
  • Choose from a wider range of boilers
  • Expert opinions from an independent installer

How do you choose a local boiler or heating engineer?

When getting quotes from local heating engineers, there are several factors worth taking into account before choosing who to use. We highly recommend asking yourselves these questions before making your decision:

Are they Gas Safe registered?

For your own safety, you should only have your boiler installed or serviced by a boiler engineer who is Gas Safe registered. This ensures they have all of the appropriate training and expertise, and greatly reduces the risk of your boiler being installed incorrectly which could lead to something as dangerous as a carbon monoxide leak. At Boiler Guide we only work with heating engineers that are Gas Safe registered.

What services do they offer?

Most heating engineers will be able to help you with a gas boiler service or installation. However, if you are not connected to the gas network and require an oil or LPG boiler, you may have a harder time finding the right boiler installer near you. Fortunately, we can help you get quotes from heating engineers, based on the type of fuel your boiler will use.

Do they have good reviews?

Boiler engineers that work with Boiler Guide are encouraged to get reviews from their customers once a job has been completed. This helps them to improve their profile on Boiler Guide, but it also helps you to pick a local heating engineer

Our heating engineers are rated

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No. Plumbers are conventionally trained to work on water connections throughout the home. While this may extend to radiators, a Gas Safe registered engineer will be needed to install or service your boiler. Heating engineers & plumbers: what’s the difference?

No. Not all plumbers are qualified to work with boilers or central heating systems. You need to use a Gas Safe registered heating engineer when getting a boiler installed or serviced. How we approve our heating engineers

There are several things you need to consider when choosing a heating engineer. Whether it’s if they are Gas Safe registered or if they have good customer reviews, How do you choose a local boiler or heating engineer?

There are several things you can do to find a good boiler installer near you. Get recommendations, check reviews, ensure they are qualified. Fortunately, we’ve provided a guide on what you should do: How to choose a good boiler installer

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