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Alpha Boiler Prices, Reviews & Compare

Innovation is embedded into the company culture at Alpha – which is why Alpha boilers get such great customer reviews.

Alpha has been successfully improving the energy efficiency of its huge range of boilers for over 50 years. Thanks to clever design, development and quality parts, Alpha offer a wide range of central heating boilers at competitive prices plus a range of modern accessories to save you money on your energy bills. And, most important of all, you can trust an Alpha to keep your home warm and cosy. In addition, Alpha is part of the international Immergas group which operates in 30 countries around the globe and has manufactured over 5 million boilers, so Alpha customers also have the reassurance that comes from good quality customer service back up and a choice of after care packages and service plans.

If an Alpha boiler sounds like the right choice for your home, send us an enquiry today and we’ll find you up to 3 Gas Safe heating engineers in your area to provide free quotes for supply and installation.

Alpha boiler types: CombiRegularSystem

The range of Alpha boilers are available in the following fuel types: Gas

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Alpha Combi Range

Alpha CD28X Combi Gas BoilerMost of us want to maximise our space at home, which is why so many people choose a combination or ‘combi’ boiler. Why? Because with this type of boiler, there’s no need to make room for a bulky water tank or a hot water cylinder. Plus, you have the added convenience of hot water on demand as soon as you turn on your tap without having to wait for a cylinder to reheat. And because you aren’t using energy to heat and store a whole cylinder of hot water, you could save money on heating bills too as you only heat as much water as you use.

A combi boiler provides both hot water and central heating from one compact unit which you can install in a wide range of locations in the home.

Benefits of an Alpha Combi boiler

  • Lots of brands and product ranges to choose from so you can find the right fit for your needs
  • Enjoy the benefits of hot water on demand
  • Make the most of your loft and airing cupboard space
  • No worries about wasting water or energy – you only heat what’s needed

Compare Alpha Combi boilers prices

Check out the table below for a quick at-a-glance view of the range of options available and then you can start to make some choices to narrow it down.

A key consideration will be the cost of installation and, as prices can vary, make sure you get quotes from at least 2-3 Gas Safe engineers. Get quotes for a new Alpha boiler.

Compare the complete range of Alpha Gas Combi boilers prices…

Boiler Model kW Efficiency Warranty Typical Price
Alpha CD28C Combi Gas Boiler 28kw 90.3% 5 years £781 COMPARE
Alpha CD35C Combi Gas Boiler 35kw 90.5% 5 years £850 COMPARE
Alpha CD28X Combi Gas Boiler 28kw 88.50% 2 years £690 COMPARE
Alpha CD25X Combi Gas Boiler 25kw 88.60% 2 years £745 COMPARE
Alpha CD25C Combi Gas Boiler 25kw 89.00% 5 years £850 COMPARE
Alpha CD50 Combi Gas Boiler 50kw 89.30% 3 years £1900 COMPARE
Alpha InTec2 26CE Combi Gas Boiler 26kw 88.8% 7 years £713 COMPARE
Alpha InTec2 30CE Combi Gas Boiler 30kw 88.8% 7 years £818 COMPARE
Alpha InTec2 35CE Combi Gas Boiler 35kw 88.9% 7 years £883 COMPARE
Alpha InTec 30C Combi Gas Boiler 30kw 88.2% 7 years £895 COMPARE
Alpha InTec 34C Combi Gas Boiler 34kw 88.8% 7 years £975 COMPARE
Alpha InTec2 25XE Combi Gas Boiler 25kw 88.8% 7 years £645 COMPARE
Alpha InTec2 28XE Combi Gas Boiler 28kw 88.8% 4 years £675 COMPARE
Alpha Eco2 Plus Combi Gas Boiler 28kw 88.8% 4 years £750 COMPARE
Alpha E-TEC 28kW Combi Gas Boiler 28kw 88.9% 5 years £675 COMPARE
Alpha E-TEC 33kW Combi Gas Boiler 33kw 89% 2 years £720 COMPARE
Alpha EVOKE 28kW Combi Gas Boiler 28kw 88.9% 5 years £625 COMPARE
Alpha EVOKE 33kW Combi Gas Boiler 33kw 89% 5 years £655 COMPARE
Alpha InTec Gs 30kW Combi Gas Boiler 30kw 88.8% 5 years £1800 COMPARE
Alpha InTec Gs 40kW Combi Gas Boiler 40kw 88.8% 5 years £2500 COMPARE
Alpha E-TEC PLUS 28kW Combi Gas Boiler 28kw 88.9% 7 years £800 COMPARE
Alpha E-TEC PLUS 33kW Combi Gas Boiler 33kw 89% 7 years £0 COMPARE

Alpha Regular Range

Alpha CD24R Range Regular Gas BoilerIf you are looking for a modern replacement for an older heating system, the chances are you’ll need to give some consideration to a regular boiler.

Also known as a conventional or traditional heating system, this type of boiler works with a hot water cylinder (usually in an airing cupboard) plus a cold water storage tank (which is usually in the loft). While many modern homes are choosing to swap their traditional Regular boiler for a System or Combi, some householders find that it makes more sense to stick with the Regular, especially if you have a large home with a high demand for hot water or you’re not planning to change the pipework already in place.

Benefits of an Alpha Regular boiler

  • Comes in a range of sizes
  • Suitable for older properties with a traditional central heating system in place
  • Gives plenty of hot water for standard use

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2. Get quotes to compare

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Review the Pricing of Alpha Regular boilers

Alpha regular boilers are available in a range of outputs and sizes, so the prices therefore vary accordingly. When you’re setting a budget for investing in a new boiler, don’t forget to set aside some cash to pay for installation costs too.

The best way to save money on the cost of installation is to get in touch with more than one Gas Safe heating engineer so you can compare multiple quotes, identify the best deals and compare their professional advice. Get quotes for a new Alpha boiler.

Compare the complete range of Alpha Gas Regular boilers prices…

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Alpha System Range

Alpha ProTec Plus 115 System BoilerFor homes that expect to use lots of hot water, for example those with multiple bathrooms or shower rooms, a system boiler makes sense.

The Alpha range of system boilers includes a range of outputs so you can match capacity with your expected requirements.

One of the key selling points of a system boiler is that the hot water storage cylinder is always topped up, so you can be sure of a hot shower or bath.

If others in your home want to use the bathroom after you, then the hot water that’s been used is automatically topped up. Most people position the hot water cylinder in an airing cupboard.

Benefits of an Alpha System boiler

  • Suitable for various sizes of property
  • Hot water always available as the cistern automatically replenishes
  • Alpha offer plenty of choice to suit most heating and water requirements
  • Large capacity options available in the range

Compare the Prices of Alpha System boilers

How much you spend on your boiler depends not only on the brand and product range but also on the size of the boiler, i.e. how powerful it is. The more bedrooms, bathrooms and radiators you have (and the more people in your household) the higher the output of the boiler needs to be. This is measured in kW (kilowatt) and tends to range from 24 – 42kW in domestic boilers. If you’re not sure which size you need, you can always take advice from a Gas Safe heating engineer.

You’ll also need to contact more than one engineer to get quotes for installation, so that you can be sure you’re getting the best deal from your new heating system. Get quotes for a new Alpha boiler.

Compare the complete range of Alpha Gas System boilers prices…

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Alpha Boiler Service

It’s important to keep your boiler in the best possible condition with an annual boiler service by a professional engineer. This will ensure the boiler can operate as efficiently as possible, keeping heating bills to a minimum, and that there are no potential safety issues to be concerned about. A boiler service is also a great way to catch and fix small repairs before they have the chance to worsen over time and cause an expensive breakdown. Find out what’s involved in an annual boiler service, why it’s so important, the benefits and how much they cost in Alpha Boiler Service.

Alpha Boiler Warranty

Every boiler manufacturer offers a standard warranty with their boilers which last between 1-10 years. The warranty is your insurance policy and means if a fault develops the manufacturer will resolve it within a specified time frame. Some warranties include both parts and labour while others may only cover parts. The most important thing to remember is to get your boiler serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer every year as failing to do so is likely to invalidate your warranty. For more detail about this brand’s warranty (including the small print) take a look at Alpha Boiler Warranty.

Alpha Boiler Repair Advice

Even the highest quality boiler can develop faults and problems as they age. Some are minor issues you may be able to handle yourself but most will need a Gas Safe registered engineer to diagnose and repair the problem. To find out if there are any common problems associated with this manufacturer you can read our guide to Alpha Boiler Repairs & Common Alpha Boiler Problems.

Need a one-off boiler repair?


Get an emergency boiler repair quote now.


Alpha Error Codes

Error codes may appear on your boiler’s display; it’s your boiler’s way of telling you that something is wrong. Each manufacturer uses a different coding system to help an engineer to diagnose a fault. In some cases it may be a simple issue such as low pressure which you can adjust yourself but more technical faults will certainly need a professional. We’ve put together a list of Alpha Error Codes to help you understand what’s wrong before you contact an engineer.

Alpha Renewable Heating Solutions

Alpha also offer a solar thermal system called SolarSmart. Solar collectors are fitted to your roof where they can capture the heat from the sun and use it to heat water in a cylinder. SolarSmart is designed to work alongside Alpha’s InTec combi boilers so that the boiler can act as a backup source of hot water when there is inadequate sunlight to meet demand. Solar thermal systems enabled you to buy less energy from a supplier reducing both your energy bills and CO2 emissions.

The SolarSmart 100 is the latest version of Alpha’s solar thermal system and includes the following:

  • Space saving 100 litre cylinder
  • Easy plug-in controls
  • Fully WRAS approved system
  • 10 year guarantee on collector and cylinder
  • Choice of ‘in-roof’, ‘on-roof’ and ‘flat roof’ fixing kits
  • Can be retrofitted to any Alpha high efficiency boiler with Solar Valve
  • Alpha Boiler Controls

    Alpha Climatic

    This is a multi-channel time and temperature programmer with integrated thermostat and BUS system to transfer information between the remote control and boiler. This control has designed to work with Alpha’s InTec range of boilers and is available in wired and wireless versions.

    Comfort 2-channel
    The Alpha Comfort 2-Channel is battery operated, radio frequency controller is a digital, wireless programmable room thermostat and timer for use with Alpha E-Tec system boilers.

    Digital EasyStat
    The easy to use Alpha Digital EasyStat enables wireless time and temperature control with 7 day programming and settings by hour.

    Mechanical EasyStat
    The Alpha 24-hour Mechanical EasyStat is a time and temperature controller.

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