UK Boiler Care: From Local Company to Regional Business – Customer Case Study

“From our experience, Boiler Guide leads are by far the best leads available.” Sean Whiting, founder of UK Boiler Care.

After earning an excellent reputation in their local area, in the summer of 2017 UK Boiler Care set themselves a target to become a regional business within 3 years.

Thanks “in no small part” to the qualified sales leads available from Boiler Guide, UK Boiler Care have since achieved this objective and are now installing 3 times as many boilers than in 2017.

We spoke with UK Boiler Care founder, Sean Whiting, to find out more about their experience with Boiler Guide.

Introducing UK Boiler Care

Established in 2007, UK Boiler Care is a traditional family-owned business based in Suffolk.

Their services include the installation and servicing of natural gas, oil and LPG domestic heating systems. They currently employ 17 people who are all committed to high-quality workmanship, customer service and aftercare which has seen their reputation continue to grow.

As a result of achieving such local success, in 2017 UK Boiler Care set their sights on growing into a regional company. Doing so meant finding a lead generation company capable of providing high-quality leads ripe for conversion.

That led UK Boiler Care to Boiler Guide.

How Boiler Guide helped UK Boiler Care

“Our greatest concern was, and still is, how well a lead is qualified – that the lead is a quality product that is ripe for conversion.”

UK Boiler Care expected qualified high-quality leads from a lead generation company, and the quality of our leads and customer service team soon made it clear to Sean and the UK Boiler Care team that Boiler Guide was the right fit.

Since signing up in October 2017, UK Boiler Care have achieved their original objective and more:

    • Increased coverage area
    • Trebled the number of boiler installations
    • Grown from a local company to a regional business

Since signing-up to Boiler Guide, UK Boiler Care has grown to cover Bedfordshire, parts of Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Suffolk as well as North, North-West and East London.

Why use Boiler Guide?

UK Boiler Care have plenty of experience with lead generation companies, as they’re currently using 4 different services, but it’s clear which company comes out on top:
“From our experience, Boiler Guide leads are by far the best leads available. Boiler Guide leads have consistently generated the lion’s share of our monthly new boiler sales revenue.”

So, what is it that separates Boiler Guide from other lead generators? For Sean Whiting, the answer is simple: “Boiler Guide leads are far better qualified.”

Find more customers with Boiler Guide

As many companies like UK Boiler Care have discovered, our pay-as-you-go service is the simplest and most effective way to grow your business.

You’ll be free to buy leads as and when you please, safe in the knowledge that you won’t be charged any additional fees:

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It’s completely free to sign-up and you’ll only ever have to pay for the leads you want, so why not take a look at the leads available in your area today?

A special thanks to Sean Whiting at UK Boiler Care for his contributions to this article.

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