The Steps We’ve Taken Due to COVID-19

This page was last updated on 17 September 2020

We’re still working to connect you with new customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the nation practices social distancing, we’re following the latest government advice to ensure that we’re still able to generate and deliver qualified leads.

Can I still buy leads?
Yes – we’re still generating leads from homeowners right across the UK who are in need of a heating engineer. Our boiler and heating, solar and renewables leads are all available to buy as normal.

If you’re interested in our qualified sales leads then you can sign-up to find out more here.

Can I quote remotely?
Yes – given the current circumstances, quoting remotely is the safest approach for everyone involved.

Having said that, we understand that a remote quote isn’t always possible. So, as the person who will be providing the quote, whether you want to do it remotely or with a site visit is completely up to you.

Am I still allowed to work in people’s homes at this time?
Yes – as long as you are in good health and aren’t showing any Coronavirus symptoms, no matter how mild.

Before visiting the property, ask if anybody there is self-isolating. If they are, then you shouldn’t enter the property unless the work needs to be done urgently. In such cases, Public Health England are available to offer advice on how to do this in the safest possible way.

Should the customer be happy for you to enter their home, keep yourself and them safe by following the latest guidance set by Public Health England.

Should I keep a distance of 2 metres or 1 metre?
Maintaining social distancing is essential and should be at least 2 metres or ‘1 metre plus’ dependent on the workplace.

Can I work in a household of 6 or more people?
Yes – you can enter a property where 6 people live if you’re there to carry out work without breaking government guidelines.

You can find more information on working in people’s homes at this time here.

Stay safe,
The Boiler Guide Team