Exchange Ideal Heating Reward Points for Boiler Guide Leads

What is happening?

On September the 13th, we launched a new partnership with Ideal Heating and you can now use your Ideal Connect reward points to pay for Boiler Guide leads that result in the installation of an Ideal Boiler.

If you are an Ideal Max Accredited installer you can also add your accreditation to your company listing.

How does it work?

  • Purchase a Boiler Guide lead as usual
  • Complete installation of Ideal Boiler
  • Register boiler warranty on the Ideal Connect Loyalty Scheme website
  • Complete Custom Reward form
  • Once approved – we’ll credit the value of the lead to your Boiler Guide account

What details do I need to claim a lead credit?

When you register a boiler warranty on the Ideal Connect website, you will need to complete a Custom Reward form. The form will ask you to provide details of your Boiler Guide Lead ID, customer name, installation date, postcode and lead cost.

Where do I find my Boiler Guide Lead ID?

Your lead ID can be found in the My Leads section of your Dashboard.

How long does it take to see the credit on my account?

We aim to credit your account within 15 working days following the completion of the Custom Reward form.

When does the scheme begin?

The scheme went live on the 13th September 2021, however, you will be able to claim credit for eligible leads from September 1st 2021. No installations prior to the 1st September 2021 will be accepted.

How do I add my Ideal Max Accredited Installer accreditation to my listing?

You can apply to display the accreditation via your dashboard. Simply click on the dropdown and select yes. Once this has been approved, the accreditation and logo will display on your listing for ‘Gas Boiler’ and ‘Gas Central Heating’ lead types on

How do I become an Ideal Max Accredited installer?

You can apply for accreditation and find our more at